She’s not the best roommate but she sure is cute


Sometimes this momma of three gets brave and does things outside of the box. Sort of go with the flow. Trying out new things.

A couple weeks ago I did just that. I went to meet some awesome blogging mamas and I brought E with me. 

Not the best roommate

Part of my craziness? I brought her with me to the event and then we stayed overnight in a hotel. Just the two of us. She was super cute on the huge king sized bed in our room (we only have a queen).

 huge king sized bed
She even got a little practice crawl time in…more like looking at me and making cute noises. She really wasn’t crawling yet. 

bed hog

After checking out our room, we headed down to the gathering and had some yummy food (she was quite fond of the zucchini…I like the spinach dip from TGIFridays).

TGIFridays zucchini

Maybe this is where I made my first mistake. She got fussy, so I nursed her and wrapped her up in the Ergo and she drifted off to snooze land. Then we headed upstairs where I already had her bed set up. Silly me, I thought I could transfer her from the carrier to the baby bed. No such luck. She woke up and screamed. This is the girl that normally goes to bed with no issues at all. She wasn’t happy. So we nursed again. And I think she went to sleep for a little bit.

Well, long enough for me to watch a little Grey’s in the living room space (yep, it was actually two separate rooms with two separate tvs).

tv at country inns

And then she woke up again. I guess she was telling me she just likes her own bed. I get it. I’m the same way. We are little home bodies. But, we’ll keep trying to go out of our element. She looked pretty rough the next morning, but let me snuggle her a bit in my bed. And, even sat for a minute on the floor so I could brush my teeth (and get a picture of her while standing in the bigger bathroom). She sure looked tiny in the huge room!

big bed large suite
This is where I was hoping to get some work done and a little relaxing while she slept. That didn’t happen. But it had huge potential. Usually when our family gets a hotel and it’s called a “suite” there is a little half wall and a pull out couch which means when it’s bed time, we all sit in a quiet room and stare at each other. This was a completely different room with a door! The living room actually had it’s own bathroom, too with a huge shower stall. However, the downside of being in a hotel by myself with a fussy girl (of course, in addition to not sleeping)? I wasn’t even able to enjoy the big, nice shower. But a girl can dream and I know I’ll be back.

large room large room
I think one reason she had a hard time sleeping? The room was pretty hot. When we got there the AC wasn’t on. I set it to like 70 and we went downstairs for our meeting. I was thinking it would cool off enough in the two hours we were gone (I didn’t want to crank it all the way down…I hate being frozen out of a hotel room). But, once again, plan foiled. It was still quite hot in there. I didn’t get the room cooled off until like 3am (one of the many times I was awake). Also, the baby bed? It had a broken bar that I popped back together. It was a pretty old travel bed (and usually I bring my own), but I saw pictures of brand new ones, so I thought it would be good.

They did offer to go out and replace it, but it was pretty late and I thought we’d be okay for a night, but I hope it was removed from commission. I know that the baby bed and the AC were unfortunate. I hope that hotels that offer baby beds take a look at what they have to offer and if they are over a year or two old, I’d toss them and replace them, or at the very least check them over and make sure they are in proper working order.

After our early rise, we headed downstairs to the yummy breakfast. They had hot oatmeal, a waffle iron, cereal, burritos, eggs, bacon, yogurt and more. It was all hot (when applicable) and delicious. I even scooped up some of their cookies (that are always out) for the big girls at home. Those were much appreciated.

We’ve stayed in a Country Inn before (on the way to and from Michigan just this summer) and we will again. Maybe next time, I’ll make sure there is another adult with me if I bring a kiddo. Or even better…just another adult (::Mr. Serious::)!

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*We were provided the suite for the night. All thoughts are my own.


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  1. Traveling alone with little ones is always an adventure! She is super cute, she looks so sleepy in the last ones aww.

    1. Yes, it totally wasn’t a good adventure either.

      We both came home and took a long nap!

  2. You are a brave woman! I dearly love my kiddos but if can to a choice between a hotel room with one of them or their Daddy? I’m with you…it’s going to be him 🙂

    1. If I had the choice, it totally would have been him. However, E won’t take a bottle and sometimes wakes up at night to nurse. And, well, somebody had to stay with the other two kiddos:)

  3. LOL! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed of the “perfect” outing like this! I’ve always chickened out, though, as my little ones have never traveled very well…we’re homebodies too! 🙂 Thankfully, DS3 seems to be a bit more laid back, but still doesn’t like sleeping in his “own” bed at motels!

    1. It really was going to go way better in my head! Live and learn, right?

      I even tried snuggling her in the bed with me and she wasn’t having it. She just wanted her bed!

  4. My son had issues sleeping in a pack-n-play over Thanksgiving. I am hoping it was just because he was out of his normal element! I agree, my own bed is better. Looks like you had fun anyway! I know I did. Maybe next time I’ll be brave and bring my little guy!

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