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She’s cheesin’.

She knows she’s super cute.

She knows she’s my baby.

She did a super happy dance when she realized it was the first day of February. “Oh, goodie. Now our baby can come.”

baby not much longer.jpg

She doesn’t realize she won’t be my baby much longer.

(Yes, I’m having contractions. No, they aren’t doing anything, just like the other times. Yes, I am ready.)

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    1. Oh, that’s totally different. They keep asking about it and I tell them I’m not ready to discuss it!

      So, now they think the doctor cuts the baby out:)

  1. Grammy Lura says:

    Sooner or later that wee one will make her debut…..let’s hope it is SOONER! You are in my prayers dear.

  2. She’s such a little cutie! Just think about how BIG she is going to look when the new little one arrives! Maggie went from being my baby to OMG HOW DID SHE GET SO BIG overnight!

    1. I know. I remember this with Izzy. She was HUGE right after her sister was born…they are going to seem like giants this time.

  3. What a doll. That face is precious.

    Gosh…you’re so close. YAY!

  4. This little girl is so cute..I love the stroller..Thanks for sharing..

  5. LOL!! You are too that point! That point where you really want baby to come. You are sick and (freaking) tired of people asking how much are you dialated, when are you getting induced, how are you feeling. You are anxious to meet your baby and sad that your babies are growing up.

    I love ya Krystyn!

    1. Oh, I’m so to that point. Seriously, the questions. I want to have a shirt made that answers all of the questions. Tacky? Maybe. But, it might be effective.

      And, yes, they are growing up..and it makes me super sad, and happy, too!

  6. uhm it’s been two days since you wrote this post…is she still your baby? or as the torch been passed????

    1. She’s probably just a little too big to be called a baby, but I’ve got to do it a couple more days.

  7. It’s almost time! How exciting! She’ll ALWAYS be your little baby, too!

  8. Betty Baez says:

    Aaww she’s in for a surprise…good luck!

    1. At almost three and a half, I think and hope she’s going to handle it pretty well…..I hope.

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