Tag, I’m It

I was tagged by a friend of mine, Sarah.

I am supposed to post pictures of one favorite thing in my house that I love, or something that has a special story, and tell you all about it.

This one has a pretty silly story. While we were doing our wedding registry, Mr. Serious saw this pillow and had to have it. I wonder if that was a sign of how mature he was? I let him scan it thinking nobody would be silly enough to buy it. I was wrong. Mr. Serious’s cousins thought it was the greatest present ever, and amazingly, it has survived 4 moves! And now, #1 loves to play with the ball, which comes out of the mitt. This is a good thing because it is so soft.

Now..for the second part..I am supposed to post a picture of all the things I feel are necessities for when I leave the house. As in, the things I keep in my purse.

Wow, this is embarrassing. No wonder Mr. Serious won’t ever go into my purse to find my keys/ phone, etc.

This is me just dumping it out.

And then organizing it. Wipes, mommy tylenol, #1 tylenol (2 bottles), eye drops, kleenex, wallet, little first aid kit, compact, sunglasses and case, too many things of lip stuff, mini photo album, and photo album to hold coupons, old battery for car remote…

Tampons (because you need to carry FOUR while you are pregnant?), pay stub, keys, contact case, gum case, pens and pencils.
I think that’s it! Whew! Of course, this doesn’t include the little diaper bag that I carry around! I definitely needed to clean out my purse. I think I’ll switch to a summery purse now, too!

I tag:
Stephanie @ Little Bits of Sugar
Stephanie @ Just the Two of Us
Rachel @ Clumsy Me
Jennifer @ Brew Crew

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  1. I will play but I will have to do it this weekend and get back to you on Monday.
    WTH is up with the tampons for a 20 week preggo person?! Haha! That is just screaming for a new purse and a cleanout!

  2. I too love that you have tampons and are pregnant!! That is too cute, and hey during school it is not like you have a free second right?? I love little tags like this, I think you really get to know people better.

    Thanks for the offer to help me with my little heading for my post. I have to take Anya to the doctor this morning, but will email you this afternoon about it if that is ok?? I REALLY appreciate the offer of help!!!

  3. Believe me that is how the inside of MOST of our purses look! LOL

  4. I will be playing this weekend too! God knows what in my purse after getting home from vacation! I struggle to just find the keys! (maybe I will cheat..j/j..I will play fair..as embarrassing as it may be!)

  5. tee hee – tampons and your prego?? how funny is that 🙂

    seriously love the moment when you switch purse seasons! such fun!!

    ps – thanks for stopping by my dqa meeting this morning 🙂

  6. This is awesome. I always find it hilarious to see what’s inside other people’s purses. My girlfriend and I do this at work to see who has the most random item. It’s amazing what finds it’s way in there!

  7. my purse is BAD. I just keep putting more and more stuff in it!

  8. At first glance I thought you had like 8 bottles of medicine in there. I was like “Daaaannnng girl!!”, and then I realized only two of them were meds, and that makes a little more sense. 🙂 Cute post!

  9. OMG your purse dump just cracked me up! you are hilarious. and tampons! HA!

  10. LOL LOL LOL the tampons are so so very funny!

    The pillow is so very funny too! My Husbands Nephew and Finace registered for a Meyers Lemon Tree and I saw it on the registy and ordered it for them….they also though no one really would buy them the TREE…LOL WEll I did! LOL

  11. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    4 tampons while pregnant? What is UP with THAT! 🙂

  12. haha – my purse will be the same way! haha – I cant believe you have 4 tampons with you right now! haha – thanks for tagging – I will have to do it a little later in the week though 🙂

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