Day 1: At Home with Mommy

Friday was #1’s last day at daycare, so now she’s stuck with me for the rest of the summer.

We’ve already had a busy morning; 40 minute walk, watched Mama Mirabelle, practiced picture flashcards, colored, read, played with cars, had a snack, had lunch, and now she’s down for a nap. We’ve got some errands to run this afternoon.

I’m looking into joining the local “Y” so I can get some exercise without passing out from the heat, and #1 can get some playtime with kids. We’ll check that out tomorrow.

Wednesdays at our local library there is a toddler reading time that we will also check out.

So, I pose this question to you, stay-at-home mommies: What do you do to keep busy? And, more importantly, continuing to help their brains grow? Of course, I need inexpensive things. Art projects, free/cheap places to go, etc.

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  1. Izzy is very lucky you are so active with her and encouraging her learn and see new things. What about a children’s museum? And some theaters have a toddler day once a week and you could go see a cartoon movie and see if she likes that? Not really sure what SAHM’s do…besides being very lucky!

  2. We did our 2 hours of tv. We did StrollerFit. We went to cheap pools/splash grounds, parks, out to lunch. I often go to the grocery just for the free cookie and the half hour it kills in my day. When you find the magic answer, lemme know.

  3. It’s amazing how busy we are. But what the heck are we doing? Um…blogging?

    Beans and macaroni are great sensory projects that my kids love scooping. Local pools for swim time. Every park in a 20 mile radius. Friends houses for play dates. Book stores and toy stores kill time and the kids know not to ask for anything.

    You’ll fill the days quickly. Pace yourself.

  4. I agree with everyone here.
    friends houses
    our own backyard
    we have a sand table that Luke loves to play with
    book stores like Barnes and Noble have great kid areas where they can play and read and sometimes listen to stories.
    you will find things to do…have a GREAT summer with Izzy!

  5. How much fun are the two of you having???

    Love it!!

    Hope that you both are loving your new schdule. I am sure it is nice to be off of your feet for two seconds. At least that is what I loved about summer coming and no school! 🙂

  6. Parks. Library.

    At home, sometimes I fill up a toddler pool with flour, and keep it in the garage. It provides hours of scooping and clean fun. You can hose off your floor and baby. 😉

    You can add food dye to vanilla pudding and “paint”

    Oh gosh… I guess we are a messy family.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am sorry it took me so long to visit you. I like it here! Cute blog design!

    Ditto on what everyone else said. I also try to sign them up for several camps, bible schools, and activities to keep them from telling me they are bored.
    Happy Summer!!!

  8. happy day one 🙂

    sounds like izzy is one lucky lady!!

    don’t have any tips really as i am just beginning this journey and beans just likes to put things in her mouth! but i look forward to reading all the other mommy tips!

  9. Lucky you! I’m sure you are going to enjoy every minute! Everyone else has given pretty ideas! Good luck..I’m sure we will hear about each of them (atleast we better!!!)

  10. My kids love story time at the library. Free and air conditioned. We spend a lot of time checking out parks OUT of our area. It helps pass the time and the kiddos usually take a nap on the way home. Good luck!

  11. You’re done with school already? We have two more days, and I. am. counting! My kids are a little older, so they play with all their neighbor friends now, but I do encourage the gym membership. Both my kids love the routine of it in the summertime. Plus, it gives you some mom time. Also, any lakes around you? Sand is an awesome toy! Happy summer!

  12. O you are going to have a great summer at home with her! One thing at home my boys love is their basket filled with dress up clothes! We have a standing playdate on WEDS, Fridays we get to go to MCDONALDS to eat and play.
    WE belong to the ZOO, The Childrens Museum in Charleston…so those two places we visit about once or twice a month. MOONSAND playdoh and crayons are staples on the craft table here. We also have an indoor Jumping place we visit…in door moon bounces.

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