The holidays


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I’ve had a couple interesting interactions in the past couple days surrounding the holidays, and it made me realize something.  I’m not a holiday traditions person.  The tree doesn’t go up on a certain date, we don’t have certain Christmas activities that need to happen, we don’t have an Elf.  It’s just Christmas and that’s how it happens.

And, then I was asked if I feel pressure to make sure the magic of Christmas happens for our girls.  My first answer was no.  But, then I thought about it, and yes, I do feel pressure.  I’m typically in charge of all of the Christmas wish lists and making sure that all of the gifts are purchased and plans are made.  So, yes, I guess I do feel pressure.

But I also realized that I’ve got all of my Christmas comforts right here.  While they enjoy the Christmas tree, and the lights and the decorations and the festivities, being with each other is the most important part of Christmas to me.  These three (soon to be four) people are all of the Christmas comfort I need.

serious family 2010

Between going to church and being reminded of the reason we celebrate this season, and these adorable people, I’ve really got all of the traditions and comfort I need.

girls under the tree

Well, and sometimes some cookies.  Because things are typically better when there is sugar and butter involved.

cookies with the girls

What are your holiday comforts?

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  1. My mom wasn’t a traditions person either, so I’ve never felt that urge and such. But Christmas was definitely magical.

    The only thing that’s important to me now, as an adult, is Advent. To remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas. I try to do it nightly, but it’s hard to add that into our already busy routine. This year I’ve taken to reading advent readings during dinner while everyone is eating. The 2 y/o doesn’t listen really, but the rest of us are.

    As far as decorations, my nativity scenes are special to me. I’m not sure exactly why. One of the last things my grandmother purchased for me (spanning several years) was a nice white porcelain nativity scene from Avon. I had most of the set and loved it. A few years ago I knocked it off the shelf and broke all but the Holy Family. So that piece is VERY special to me (Avon discontinued the set and my grandmother passed away 10 years ago). But I like all nativity scenes. I have 1 that I set up and 2 or 3 nativity snow globes that I put out every year.

    1. I realized after I posted that I forgot to add that I really love my nativity scene, too. I even posted about it, but now I can’t find the pictures.

      Yours sounds very special..for both the meaning and who it’s from.

    1. Don’t they? It’s amazing. I wonder what kind we’ll make this year. Last year we did snickerdoodles and peanut butter.

  2. There are a few things that I like to do, but I won’t say they are traditions… I think labeling it like that even makes me feel pressure. And I don’t like to feel pressure 🙂

    You and your family are looking fabulous by the tree!

    1. Oh, you are so right…I’m glad I haven’t labelled anything.

      BTW, that was totally last years picture….case in point about “traditions”…our tree isn’t even up yet!

  3. We have Belgian waffles on Christmas morning every year! It was actually Tim’s family tradition that we now have in our little family and I Love it. 🙂

    1. Oh, I could totally do that! I don’t even remember the last time I got out our waffle iron. We typically do cinnamon rolls..the kind from the can.

      And, mimosas! Yummy!

  4. Mary Mudd says:

    I used to love the holidays. Not so much now, since my Mom and sister are gone. So, I need help sprucing things up a little bit. I miss my Dad making breakfast for everyone, after all the gifts are open. And believe it or not, Mom used to put on the Chipmunks Christmas Album every year!! And of course Elvis. I guess I need to start some new traditions.

    1. And, it wouldn’t hurt to make those traditions your own, too. We listen to the same music we did opening presents with my parents and the hubby’s.

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