The Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | 244th ed


It was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta. It screamed fall, and even though we got a little sunburned, it was amazing!

The girls had recently heard a commercial on the radio for Stone Mountain’s Pumpkin festival and asked if they could go for their birthdays (maybe those 8 and 6 posts will come soon). We booked it on the calendar after Stone Mountain agreed to host us and made our trek over there Saturday morning. 

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday

We took advantage of the pumpkins hanging around in various displays to get some fun photos. The only thing missing was the yellow brink road. Please also note that my 8 year old will be taller than me in about 0.2 seconds!

I found some pretty funny pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, too!

stone mountain pumpkin festival

There was also coloring crafting, pie eating, and treat finding. We didn’t get a chance to do it all. There were two little girls begging to go on Sky Hike (the ropes challenge course).

Before that could happen, we had to check out Ride the Ducks. It was actually our first time on the amphibious car ride. We were all pretty thrilled to check it out. A certain little girl likes to see herself on the camera now and wave “hi” while also saying “hi” in the sweetest voice ever!

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | Ride the Ducks

I even caught a rare glimpse of all my ducklings with me. Quack!

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | Ride the Ducks

All of the kiddos even had a chance to drive the boat. Which, of course, was amazing!

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | Ride the Ducks

Of course, no mommy in this picture, but it’s my new favorite. So I have to share!

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | Ride the Ducks

I know we’ve been to the Pumpkin Festival before, but alas, the last pictures I’m finding are from 2010! Half of my oldest’s lifetimes ago! Look at my baby!

Have you been to Stone Mountain before? Or a Ride the Duck Ride (check out our splash entry into the lake on Facebook!)

*Thank you to Stone Mountain providing the tickets to the park and the Ride the Duck ride. All thoughts are my own!

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  1. Your babies look like they had a blast! We’ve actually never rode on the ducks before. We’ve got to do that. Your babies are growing so fast!

    1. Yes, you should definitely add it to your list! The Captains make it amazing!

  2. pat chance says:

    I didn’t know they had a lake at Stone Mountain. Guess I haven’t paid that much attention when we have been there. The weather looked great. Funny, the link you put from 4 year ago. The oldest still makes the same silly faces when you take her picture.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love heading outdoors with my family in the fall – so many different activities and laughs to be had! We went pumpkin picking last month when we picked apples and she carved the pumpkin last week and named him “Big Joe”!

    1. Awww…that’s the sweetest! We didn’t name our pumpkins.

  4. Looks like it was so much fun!! I love that last pic, you have a beautiful little bunch of girls! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It is currently the desktop image on my screen!

  5. Glad you had fun at the Pumpkin festival. There is 1 in Keene, NH that we were thinking of going to this year. We’ve never been. We decided to stay in town & do a Harvest festival. I’m glad we did, I saw on Saturday night, on the news, that there were riots at the pumpkin festival. Some college students went crazy. Not sure if you saw it on the news. I hope all the families had already gone home. I’m thinking that they did.

    1. Oh my goodness! No, I hadn’t heard of any of that! I’m glad you decided to stay in town, too. How scary!

  6. so many smiling faces straight at the camera! Those are some keepers! 🙂 And yes, that pumpkin patch you found is really nice… 😉

    1. Sometimes I luck out! Sometimes, I’m glad nobody is taking a picture of me trying to get them all to look and smile!

  7. eeks!! you have four little girls!! i don’t know why but everytime i see them all together i get all excited for you all over again!! looks like a super fun day!

  8. We have never gone to do this before. looks like a load of fun.
    Might need to add this to our list.

    1. Yes, definitely add it to your next time list. It was a lot of fun! I bet B would love it!

  9. Megan Filzen says:

    This looks like it was such a fun time!

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