TV fun with the toddler-Mamalicious Monday


#1 is now obsessed with Olivia on Nick (thanks Holly and Rachel).

But, really, it is quite funny. And, we can tolerate it, which is good. And it isn’t “dumbed down” like some other shows. You know the ones with the long pauses for the kids to answer questions. Uggghhh.

So, back to the TV obsession. Olivia is definitely #1, followed by Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies, and Curious George.

After what seemed like a very long tv marathon (2 maybe 3 shows) Friday, I turned it off. I even told #1 we would bake cupcakes. She could have cared less.

My little sweetheart declared over and over that she wanted to watch Olivia. Dang it, now that catchy little theme song is stuck in my head.

I: I want to watch Olivia, mommy.
Me: No, #1, we’re going to make cupcakes.
I: I want to watch Olivia.
Me: No.
I: I want to watch Mirabelle.
Me: No.
I: Did you say ‘no’ mommy?
Me: Yes.
I: That’s not very nice, mommy!

What? My two year old just told me that it’s not nice to say no. Crap. I’m now learning my manners from a two year old.

And, all I could do was laugh because she was so dang cute when she said it.

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  1. Haha! Too funny. We LOVE Olivia too. We read the books before the show started so Caroline already knew most of the characters. I DVR it every day. We watch at least 3 episodes a day so don’t feel bad. Haha! It gives me peace and quiet for a few minutes.

  2. Kids do say the funniest things. It’s so hard to drag them away from the tv sometimes. I can totally relate!! 🙂

  3. Ahahaha, that is too stinking cute. If No is not nice, what would be more appropriate…”not at the moment”, haha.

  4. That’s great. I love when BG points out to me to not yell at the dogs. She will stop me and say “mommy, that not nice.” I got told my a two year old!

  5. Wow..that is too funny!!
    I’ve been out of town all w/e, and it looks like I missed a few posts!! I guess I need to go catch up! lol

  6. haha, I dont know what Olivia is, but I’m sure I will find out soon enough with Karys 🙂 did you end up making cupcakes??

  7. Well you're so welcome my dear 🙂 LOL> WE have to DVR it, which is actually nice because it is the only time my 2 sit perfectly still.

    🙂 No. Not nice. I'm dying.

  8. HAHA! I have had similar conversations so many times! And it’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes! 🙂

  9. oh no she thinks No is a bad word…You are going to be “ruining her life” before you know it…lol

  10. I’m so glad Izzy reasoned that out for you. That’s hysterical! We’ve finally moved on a bit from Backyardigans. Can I get a HECK YEAH!?

    We’re now in a Disney kick. Either “Watch Puppies, Mommy” (which is 101 Dalmations). Or “Watch Ariel, Mommy” (obviously Little Mermaid). Or “Watch Memo, Mommy” (which is Finding Nemo).

    Too cute!

  11. Kids say the funniest things! And husbands too! LOL! I’m referring to my blog post for today. (:

  12. I have yet to watch Olivia. The girl who does the voice is originally from Houston. Her grandfather is one of my teachers at school (he’s an attorney). Very proud of his granddaughter. I will have to check it out someday!

  13. I’ve NEVER heard of Olivia! I can’t believe it…


    I would’ve just laughed too…FYI. As a matter of fact I did. And still am. Too cute, Izzy!

  14. I’ve NEVER heard of Olivia! I can’t believe it…


    I would’ve just laughed too…FYI. As a matter of fact I did. And still am. Too cute, Izzy!

  15. *L* We’ve only seen Olivia once, but it was cute and like you said – at least it’s not dumbed down.

  16. Hehe 🙂 I would have laughed, too!

    We haven’t seen Olivia–although that’s the girl name we’ve picked out (if we have a girl!).

    We may just have to check out this show 🙂

  17. She sounds so adorable – I’d probably have a hard time saying no to her!

  18. My niece likes Olivia. We haven’t ever watched it. Haylee still loves the disney cartoons. I am ready for a change though. Maybe I will find that one and try it out.

  19. I love toddlers – they have such personality for such little things! Loved this post!

  20. I’ve never seen this little ditty. But I hear ya on the lesson’s from the toddler! Too funny!

  21. that’s precious 🙂 she thinks no is bad 🙂 ha! she is in for a big surprise 😉 ha

  22. That’s an amusing conversation! I’m about to wet my pants! I always wonder what goes through their heads…I teach a sunday school class of 3 year olds…Outta the mouthes of babes 🙂

  23. dear izzy,

    beans does not know who olivia is. can we keep it that way? i don’t need another cute song stuck in my head.

    thank you 🙂

  24. That is way cute!!

    The other night, Chandler, told me that she was going to put me in time-out for not talking nice to her. I couldn’t help but SMILE!!

  25. That is too funny!!! She’s a quick one 😉

    I had my first experience with Olivia when I was watching my friend’s little girl last week! And I too could tolerate it well! I even laughed with her!

  26. She must be taking her manners lessons from Austin…. today he told me that I wasn’t very nice because I wouldn’t let him have candy before lunch.

    Please read my blog and pray for little Gracie. They really need our prayers today.

    Thanks, Lura

  27. blueviolet says:

    She told you that wasn’t very nice. That’s so funny!!!

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