Wait, it’s December? But, I haven’t ordered cards yet!


I can’t believe it’s December! Like complete disbelief.

Part of it stems from being sick for too many days to count, part of it is the late Thanksgiving, and part of it is (holy crap) my baby turns O-N…, nope, can’t say it!

Like I said. Disbelief.

Usually by now, I’ve got a card design all drafted, pictures taken and if the card isn’t off to the printer yet, it’s almost there. And, usually, Mr. Serious has penned our family Christmas letter (yep, we are those people…not everybody reads the blog!) This year, I’m saving myself time. And since they are being so generous and sending me a credit, I’m using some super cute ones from Minted.

So, we’ve got the pictures, yay! I like to save sharing them, though, so I share goofy outtakes.

Christmas pictrure outtake

{Ready. Don’t look. Well, you, you look good. And, you, duck lips. Everybody else? Look away, please!}

Christmas card outtakes

{Sweet baby cheeks. No, you will NOT be having a birthday this month!}

Christmas card outtakes

{And well, we never get pictures just the two of us, so we made sure to get one!}

Now, I just have to pick out the card I want to send out. I’m leaning towards the new Holiday Booklette™ cards. It’s just the one-two punch I’m looking for; sharing lots of pictures and updates with a family letter without being a letter. It’s the kind of card that I would enjoy looking back on because I can recap the events of the year and see how the girls looked at the same time.

christmas cards with minted

Of course, I can’t just look at one option. I searched around some more and found these cards that come ready to placed on a ribbon, sent out and hung as Ornaments on a tree. I can’t handle the cute!

ornaments with minted

Are you sending cards out this year? What is your favorite style?


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  1. I ordered my cards from Minted too!

    I ADORE that photo of you and your husband – SO lovely!

  2. These pictures are so cute! I love them! We have never done Christmas cards. Actually it has been years since we have taken any professional pictures. Your cards are going to be super cute!

  3. I have yet to order any….
    Actually been working on that this morning 🙂
    Hard to do when we don’t see the boys enough to get good pictures of them and not really fair to send out just a picture of B. lol

  4. What a beautiful family!! For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with whether or not to send cards. I say I’m not going to, then they start arriving and I break down and do it, or I don’t do it but feel huge amounts of guilt. This year I’ve just crossed it off my list. As in, not even attempting to do it. Something had to go and since most people are seeing pictures throughout the year on Facebook and we never get professional photos done I just decided I’m not doing it anymore. But then again, they haven’t started arriving yet.

  5. I was just looking into getting a card together today. I’m thinking of just using a picture of the kids from a few months ago. Trying to get a picture now, added to everything else going on, just seems like a lot at this point.

    I happen to LOVE that top family pic. It is gorgeous and natural. And I love the pic of you and hubby. So pretty. 🙂

  6. Those are such pretty holiday cards! I have always wanted to make my own personalized cards, but my husband never smiles for the camera and I am never happy with the way family photos turn out.

  7. I really need to go with Minted next year. They have so many cute options!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of the two of you! We just ordered from Minted and I cannot wait for the cards to get here! AND, I can’t believe your baby is turning one!

  9. Yes sending card but just like you I haven’t ordered! Although, I just clicked the link from this post to look at the ornament cards! What a clever idea!!! Maybe I’ll actually get it done tonight! Then the madness of finding all the addresses!

  10. We’ve been really on the ball this year with cards. Some have even gone out in the mail. I love your idea though, the booklet sounds great.

  11. Goodness. I have not ordered cards either. It’s something that I rarely ever remember to do. With so much going on between Nov and Dec, I’m actually surprised anybody remembers the cards LOL Thanks for the reminder. Great pics, too.

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