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My sister and I? Totally children of the 80s. Whenever there is a meme posted that kids should remember something from the 80s we pretty much relate to every single one.

Gem, He-Man, She-Ra, Popples, Legwarmer, cassette tapes, jelly shoes, rainbow brite, light brite, neon colors, side ponytails. The list goes on and on!

How about the permed hair on my aunt? 80s! Oh, and the jeans jacket (or is it denim jacket?)

Or, the same floral-pattern top and bottom that I’m wearing.

Child of the 80s

And culottes (of which I just had to look up the correct spelling!). Yikes. Especially with the ruffly socks. But, my sister is somehow wearing super shorty-shorts? How are they both 80’s appropriate? Thank goodness there isn’t a picture of the jams my mom made for us. (You know, like MC Hammer wore with the velcro wings?)

Child of the 80s
Apparently, you all love your 80s, too! (Nobody said ALF?)

If my mom hasn’t tossed it yet (hopefully, she knows the value of a collectible), I will have to go looking for my pink Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. I had to have that. In fact, I’m certain I saved and saved to buy it for myself because it wasn’t allowed at school! I guess the velcro was too much of a distraction?

Guess what? Trapper Keeper is back and then sent me one to check out!

Trapper Keeper

This year Mead® is introducing a brand new, full line of products with updated features and design elements.  They’ve changed out that velcro for a more durable and sturdy snap closure. But it still smells the same!

Trapper Keeper

Snapper Trapper™ makes it easier than ever to snap supplies in and out of the binder without the hassle of opening the rings, saving busy students valuable time in between classes. The new line with the Snapper Trapper includes the famous binder, folders, notebooks, dividers and student planners. Right now they come in red, blue, green and purple as those are the most requested by schools, but I sure hope that they do some patterns and designs again!

Trapper Keeper

I can’t believe school starts in less than a month here. I haven’t decided if I’ll let the 2nd grader take this, or if I’m keeping it for myself! Don’t forget I have two different back to school printables you can grab for the first day of school, too. A super fun questionnaire for the kids to fill out every year, and a sign for the first day of [blank] grade, K-5th!

The Trapper Keeper Facebook page will be hosting a promotion for fans from July 7 – September 12. Prizes will be given away three times a week and will include fully-loaded Trapper Keepers and all of your ‘80s favorites (movies, music, games, gift cards and more!). In order to enter, fans will be asked to upload their rad, original ‘80s photo or a recent shot of themselves reliving the glory days on Facebook or online at Over the course of the Back to School season, entrants can share their photo with their friends and encourage them to enter the contest, too. The person whose picture receives the most votes will win the grand prize – a $1,000 Visa Card and a fully loaded Trapper Keeper! The runner-up will take home a $250 Visa Card and a fully loaded Trapper Keeper.

Keep up with Trapper Keeper on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest and follow the hashtag #TrapperKeeperIsBack

Trapper Keeper would like to give one lucky reader a fully loaded Trapper Keeper system, including: Binder, 1-subject notebook, 2-pocket folder, Dividers and Student planner.

I was provided two Trapper Keeper systems, one for review and one for a giveaway to my readers, by Mead. All opinions are my own.

Giveaway has ended. Congrats to the Rafflecopter winner, Candy!


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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    I like the Planner, Large.

  2. I like the large planners. I remember when the Trapper Keepers were popular at school.

  3. Amy Wendt says:

    Oh my goodness…..yes…….I had a Trapper Keeper……It’s long gone now, though.
    Totally 80s kid here as well….in fact, this weekend, while flipping through channels at my BIL/SIL house to find something else for the kids, I came across Goonies…….and said, oh cool, Goonies!………lol….
    I am so definitely going to have to check out these new products!

  4. Paula Caudill says:

    The purple Binder, my daughter loves it!

  5. Elizabeth M says:

    I like the folders that can pop out with out opening and potentially pinching your finger. I will say though i miss all the crazy awesome designs of the old school trapper keepers. Lisa Frank anyone???

  6. Jessica Fowler says:

    I have been telling my girls about Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers! I may need to buy 3 one for me and one for each of my girls! 😉

  7. Wow, that brings back memories. I loved my Trapper Keeper!

  8. I would love the green large planner….
    talk about a blast from the past 🙂

  9. The dividers and the planners look cool!

  10. I like the purple binders

  11. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Like The Large Planner!

  12. Tanya Riley says:

    I would like to try the large planner for dinner menus

  13. I like the Purple Binder. How this post takes me back! I loved my TrapperKeeper!

  14. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Oh what memories this brings back! I love everything they have and can’t wait to introduce my kids to this from my days! I would love to get them the binders.

  15. I like the medium planner

  16. The 80s, sigh. I’m probably one of the few people who actually had cool hair then. What I don’t like is that we are getting invited to all of these 80s prom parties. Ummm, I went to prom in the 90s. The late 90s in fact. I don’t even know what an 80s prom looked like. I wanna throw a 90s skate jam for my next birthday so badly.

  17. I like that it has a planner you can snap in there! I also had a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper!

  18. I love the regular trapper keeper, in purple. Wish they had the fun designs that they used to!

  19. I am loving the new binder from Trapper Keeper!

  20. Tabathia B says:

    the 1 subject notebook

  21. I like the large purple planners.

  22. stephanie m says:

    love the snapper aspect… but gotta love the purple binder!!!

  23. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite is the purple 1-Subject Notebook – 9.5″ x 6″. Thanks.

  24. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I love the folders!

  25. Marci Wright says:

    I love the blue binder! Reminds me of the one I had as a kid.

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