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Alternate title: Why my “strap on” has saved my life.
Promise this is not a knock on formula feeding, or a breast-feeding only read. You do what works for you:)

For both girls, I was fortunate enough to never have to buy formula. Nursing is saving me thousands. Seriously.

However, this meant I had/have to pump at work…3 times a day. I can’t really say that I always do it joyfully. It takes at least 30 minutes from start to clean up. That’s a lot of my day.

So, here’s a list that I’ve put together that will help you be successful

1. Bring your pump with you. It might seem obvious, but, I don’t want to forget anything here.
2. Have bottles and pump parts in your bag. Again, obvious….but, what good is your pump without all of the parts?
3. Lock the door to the room you are using.
4. Put a sign up with a picture of cow utters and the times you will be in said room. Trust me…they’ll get the point.
5. Buy a “strap on” (as my friend likes to call it) hands free pumping device. I have a PumpEase. Look how cute it is. I wish I would have had one of these the first time around. And, hey all of you’s Canadian made. Don’t you love me supporting you guys. This is how I pump and blog at the same time.

So, that’s how I’ve saved money on formula…buy not having to buy any.

But, if you do have to buy formula, make sure you sign up with the company that you prefer, because they will send you tons of checks:)

Happy baby feeding.

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  1. I also saved money by breastfeeding. Lots and lots and lots of it:)

  2. you put a picture up of cow utters?? thats hilarious! and pretty clever 🙂

  3. BG was a formula only baby, LM was a breastmilk only baby if I had to do it again I would do breastmilk. It was not only cheaper but really it seemed to agree with his stomach more.

  4. That seems pretty handy, huh?

    Oh, and did you seriously do the utters thing?! If so…HILARIOUS!

  5. Can’t say I’ve had experience with this….but YAY for saving money!

    Love, Mere

  6. Or you can take an old bra and cut 2 holes in the cups where your nipples are (big enough for the pump parts to fit though). Not nearly as pretty, but free. This works for me! 🙂

  7. My old job had a nursing mothers room. I was always afraid to peak in there, but it was neat that they provided it nonetheless!

  8. Wow! Kudos to you for continuing to bf even though you have to do all that pumping. Yipes!
    I bf all my boys but I’m definitely not a hero. It was so easy for me and I never had to go to work.
    Great post!

  9. I also saved money breastfeeing. I became quite talented holding the suction things and having 1 free hand. I think next time around I will invest in a Pump Ease. I like the idea of cow utters on a picture! The room I used at work was dubbed the Pumping Room. It took about a week for people to figure out what was going on in there.

  10. damnit. why didn’t i know about this pump ease before now. thank you though. i just added it to my fabulous friday finds with a link to this post!

  11. I breastfed both kids (still breastfeeding the youngest, who just turned 10 months) and love(d) it. Not only did it save money, but it was so much more convenient for me. I never had to worry about mixing or storing (I’m a SAHM); it was always handy and just the right temp. 🙂

  12. i am off to email this to my BFF that os nursing her first newborn. thanks for the pointers.

  13. I need one of these strap ons! I have that i can’t type while I am pumping!

    My supply hasn’t been able to keep up with this one, so I do have to supplement with a bottle of formula each night. I can’t imagine having to afford 100% formula- it’s $25 per can!

  14. If you only knew how much money was spent on Forumla here….I think it was a year of private school. It makes my head swim! But again it was special circumstances…..that is the only way I can begin to wrap my head around it…..uggg

  15. I did the EP (exclusively pumping) thing for one whole year. With Ava being a preemie we had trouble with actual breast feeding, so every drop she got was pumped out. I should have gotten a strap on thing, but never did. I remember falling asleep, sometimes waking to find milk soaking me.
    If I ever had to do it again I would definitely look into one of these.

  16. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    Is the strap on the same as a ‘titty tent’?

  17. Yep…I’m definitely saving money too…we’ve never bought a container of formula…ever! Yay for nursing! 🙂

  18. Sparkette says:

    Totally agree with ya! But you kill me with the locking the door and the cow sign! LOL! That was good 🙂 When my son was nursing I had to go on my ship for 10 days. Wanna talk about no place to go when you’re in the middle of the ocean!? UGH! Although I can laugh my butt off about it now!

  19. Sparkette says:

    Totally agree with ya! But you kill me with the locking the door and the cow sign! LOL! That was good 🙂 When my son was nursing I had to go on my ship for 10 days. Wanna talk about no place to go when you’re in the middle of the ocean!? UGH! Although I can laugh my butt off about it now!

  20. I loved this post. Especially the part about the sign with utters. Hilarious!

  21. Wasn’t able to nurse here after low milk supply but as far as formula goes, you can buy the Target or WalMart generic brands. My pediatrician said they have to meet certain FDA requirements, just like the name brands do, but they’re literally half the price!

    My kiddos is on the generic Similac Sensitive. $30 for a tub of name brand. Wal Mart? $13.96!!! I’ve saved thousands this way myself!!!

    And believe me, if I could have nursed I would have totally done it the “free” way, too!!!

  22. All of the years that I taught child development… both at the high school and college levels… I taught how much better breast feeding is. It is so much healthier for the baby…satisfying for the mom…. and so ecomonical. However, I really commend you for sticking to it and pumping all this time. Good for you!!! I am proud of you.

    I love the little side stories you are putting at the bottom of your posts. I was cracking up at the open letter to your girls.

    Have a good week my sweet friend. Tell N and Izzy hi from me when you see them at 3 and 5 tomorrow morning.

  23. Yep, that’s definitely the best way to save money on it! HA!

    I just saw that “strap on” thingy on another blog last week. I think I tried to win one actually…

    Good tips! : )

  24. Dennis and Leslie says:

    I don’t have much to say on this topic, but I’ll keep these things in mind when the time comes 😉

  25. I loved how economical it was to BF. I unfortunately didn’t have a hands free thingy for my pump, but I usually pumped at home anyway since I fortunate enough to have such short hours. I trained myself, I guess.

    The other thing that sold me on BF was the amount of calories it burned. It was amazing.

  26. This is going in my file…HA!

  27. Thanks for the tip! I’m a little nervous, I must admit, about pumping at work. I think it’s going to be hard to do…most of the locked doors here everyone has a key to and might not realize what is going ON…so the sign on the door is a great idea!

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