I’m even funnier when I’m under


Thank you all for your well wishes for my endoscopy this morning.

The fasting was fine. But, I don’t think I will ever catch up on the fluids. I didn’t have anything to drink for over 12 hours. That’s a long time!

We got there WAY too early, but I got some good reading in and then I was finally called back.

I really didn’t have anxiety until I was laying on the gurney with a blood pressure cuff on my arm, a pulse ox meter on my “driving” finger (that’s what the doctor called it, not me) and some little electrodes monitoring my heart rate. Mr. Serious wondered why my heart rate was over 100. Ummm…nerves, maybe?

That, and my vein blew in my hand. Of course it’s hard to start an IV when I haven’t had anything to drink for 12 hours. And the nurse couldn’t find another vein, so the anesthesiologist came in and put one in my arm. Oh, fun.

I finally get rolled back to the procedure where they put the cannula in my nose and some medicine to make my mouth dry. (BTW, totally effective medication. I swear there is still paste in my mouth). I also got this fabulous bite thing in my mouth. Then, hello sedative. My arms and legs felt warm and heavy and then off to sleep I went.

Apparently, it only lasts about 7 minutes.

Sometime between being conscious and aware of what was actually going on, I proceeded to talk to Mr. Serious, the nurse, and the doctor.

I told the doctor that I was Mr. Serious’ “sugar momma.” Apparently, that didn’t go over so well, and the doctor said he needed to come back when I was more “awake!”

I must preface this with the fact that they put air in your stomach to help them see what’s going on in there.

And, (blushing) I asked the nurse if I had to pass gas before I was allowed to leave. According to Mr. Serious, she very quickly responded “Please don’t!” Don’t worry, I didn’t have to, nor did I! I’m still quite embarrassed…and yet, I’m sharing with all of the internets!

Mr. Serious did good and reminded me of all of the things the nurse told me not to do today, because I forgot about a millisecond after she told me.

End result? The doctor said he didn’t see anything unusual anatomically. He stretched my esophagus and did a biopsy which will come back in 2 weeks.

My throat is really sore now, so hopefully in a day or two, we’ll see if that stretching helped out. If not, it’s back the the drawing board.

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  1. Oh my, glad to hear it went okay. I guess your inner voice was in charge today 🙂

  2. Lmao! Between the sugar momma and passing gas I bet they were LOVING you!

  3. Passing gas and sugar momma…oh girl..I bet that was hilarious!! Hope you feel better tomorrow. Prayers for good results in 2 weeks!

  4. I have been thinking about you. I really do hope that you get some answers.

    The 'pass gas' part was hilarious, Krystyn, thank you Mr. Serious for 'helping' you remember that.

  5. I am always scared about what I might say when I am under. The "sugar mamma" bit is pretty funny!

  6. Hoping everything worked and you can get this thing figured out! How frustrating!!

    And too funny. Anesthesia does odd things! I love that you told the doc you were the sugar momma!! hahahahaha

  7. I'm glad there is nothing seriously wrong with you… to hear that from the doctor right away is a good thing and I am sure your results that you'll get back in a couple of weeks will be perfect, too. That sounded kind of like a scary procedure, though! The things you said were funny… 😉 I'm glad it only lasted a total of 7 minutes.

  8. Glad your procedure is done! I wish I had paid more attention to what you were having done in the previous posts-I could have consoled you or tried. I had an endoscopy almost 10 years ago. I had forgotten about it until I was reading today's post.

  9. Fingers crossed that everyting comes back ok. Sedatives do funny things to pple – my moms STILL loves to tell the story of my apparently hilarious reaction to being knocked out to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

  10. I'm totally laughing out loud! You did not tell me all this on the phone yesterday!

  11. very funny, but i hope they figure everything out!!

  12. What a different experience you had. I can't believe the Mr. was there! I was totally out of it and only with my doctor. Now I'm wondering if I said anything funny…

  13. Hilarious! Glad it went well (as well as can be). Thank you for sharing. I hope you get some answers in two weeks.

  14. This completely cracked me up! Sugar momma and farting, you're too much.

  15. Mr. Serious should have videotaped you under the sedative….hilarious! Glad they didn't see anything!

  16. I am so glad that the procedure went well! I have taken Josh to an upper GI procedure and it was so hard not to laugh when others were farting. They say it is natural, but it was just so funny. I was the one giggling after someon tooted every single time. I just couldn't help it.

  17. I'm hoping this doesn't go on and on too much longer! Glad things went ok…….well, if you can call any procedure like this ok……….hmmmmm…..

    Keep us posted……

  18. I'm glad it went well! I wish they had given you a more definitive answer, but at least you know for now that something isn't wrong!

  19. Hmmm…I think you should come to TX and eat some super spicy Mexican food that has to be washed down with several ice cold 'ritas! I am sure that will wash the chicken bone down and anything else that may be stuck or irritating your throat!

  20. I'm glad you came out on the other end okay. Hopefully the results are okay!

    Now…you are one funny person when you are doped up on your drugs – too funny! Too bad Matt didn't tape you 😉

  21. Oh dear… Thanks for making me grin.

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