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It’s so hard to believe that at the beginning of the month we had a freeze. Like a hard freeze. And now we have our air conditioning on during the day. I think it we time our window openings better, we could go without it longer.

But with the warmer weather I find myself in serious cleaning and purging mode (I think I threw out half of my closet), with a bit of a need to figure out our warmer weather wardrobe. The older two are getting so hard on their clothes that hand me downs don’t happen as much add to that they they are growing so fast, so it was time for a little update for all of us.

Mommy and Me Monday

Floral prints are making a big come back, right? Or else the stores are making a huge purge and trying to trick us! We were all nice and cool in our shorts and totally dreaming about Disney World. (We told the girls with a scavenger hunt and their reactions were pretty funny!)

Apparently, asking them to take a picture with me is a bit of a joke. The oldest had her arm around me and then dropped her arm a bit and started tickling the back of my knee. It was quite hilarious for all involved. Thankfully, Mr. Serious kept on snapping.

Mommy and Me Monday

N:Pink Shirt (similar) // Watercolor Flower Culottes // me: Kohl’s mudd top and bottom (similar) // I: Minnie Mouse Shirt // Blue Flower Culottes

We’re pretty glad it’s warming up here, but hoping the mosquitos and pollen take an extended vacation this year!

I had to get myself a couple other things, too like these pants, and these pretty florals!

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What were you up to this weekend?

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*Thank you to Children’s Place and Kohl’s for providing a gift card which were used towards the purchase of these outfits. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

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  1. Super cute outfits! I love the floral prints. You inspired me to do a pretty big closet clean out this past weekend, but I need to do it again. I know I still have too much I don’t wear.

    1. Oh, maybe that means there will be some hand-me-downs coming my way!

    1. Thank you! I’m totally not a floral person, either, yet I’m digging these!

  2. They are too cute! I love that second picture – can almost hear their giggles. The mosquitos haven’t been around here much … yet. But the pollen? Ugh I think we’re ending the icky yellow/green dust phase finally. Most of our weekend was spent indoors as it was in the 50s and rainy. Thankful to see the sun shining again this morning. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    1. So glad to hear about the sun coming out for you! Thankfully, we finally had a nice weekend here because we needed it! Hopefully, there is more good weather coming your way!

  3. pat chance says:

    cute outfits – I like all the flowers

  4. Those are super cute! I think I would look ridiculous in them though. Geez, I haven’t worn shorts in so long. I loathe my legs, but maybe that will change this year!

    1. Oh, I don’t like my legs at all…but I really don’t like being hot, so it’s a trade off, I guess! And they are really comfy, so that helps!

  5. Yes! Bring on summer!!!!
    And yes, floral prints are definitely back in. And I’m lovin’ the bright colors too. I just picked up some cute shorts from Old Navy. Big sale, lots of floral. 🙂

    1. I haven’t been in a ON in forever. They closed the closest one to us!

  6. We spend most of the weekend indoors thanks to crazy rain storms… your outdoor pic and summer clothes make me miss the sun!! So funny about your girls- my daughter does the same thing in pictures. Makes it almost impossible to get a family photo! 🙂

    1. This weekend was the first nice day in what I feel like forever. It’s been so wet and nasty. I hope your days are coming.

      And, yes, family photos are pretty impossible these days!

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