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My girls are very lucky to have such an awesome father. I haven’t been so lucky, so I can really appreciate it for them even more than they will ever know!

I know he will always be there for them and support them and help them. Girls really need their daddies in their lives!

To take them on the ferris wheel when their sister is too small and has to stay with mommy.

I'm the daddy.JPG

And to help them walk in the rain on the bumpy ground at the apple orchard (or wear them in a carrier!) (Y’all dads wearing their babies? Super hot! Get your man on board with this…trust me!)

I'm the daddy.JPG

And just in case they need a reminder or clarification of his status, his new hoodie makes it very clear. I suggested the next time he’s met with a “why” question, he just turn around, point to the back the hoodie that was sent to us to check out by Daddy Scrubs and tell them to read it out-loud! Because “I’m the daddy!”

Daddy Scrubs

The hoodie says “daddy” on the front left breast, has a large pocket across the front and a string to pull the hood tight. I may have put it on and tried to steal it and it sure is soft.

In addition to making daddy scrubs, hoodies, matching daddy/child shirts and more, Daddy Nickell, owner of Daddy Scrubs provides valuable and unique advice for parents, and especially dads, on how to give your child the self-confidence, skills and power to stand up (and proudly walk away) from bullying. I’ve seen some recent pictures of a certain 90210 actor sporting his Daddy Scrubs gear, too. I think it’s pretty cool and hopefully doesn’t age me too much!

I’m glad my girls have the best daddy in the world for them. I’m certain they know how lucky they are now, and I know that they will continue to get it as the years go forward.

You can find Daddy Scrubs on facebook, and twitter.

*We received the hoodie to try out and review. All thoughts are my own. No compensation was received.

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  1. That may end up in a stocking in our house for Christmas this year! I love it! I couldn’t agree more…dads wearing their babies is super hot. Papa Bear is an awesome dad and BIL. I am lucky to have him in my life, too!

  2. I love that hoodie! I need to get one of those for my son in law! Daddy’s have such a special place in our hearts, that’s for sure!

  3. That is so awesome!!! I need to look into getting The Husband one of these. I’m so glad your girls have been blessed with such a great dad. They always look so happy with him when I see them in pictures together. You can tell they are daddy’s girls.

  4. grandma pat says:

    Great hoodie. Mr. Serious is definitely “The Daddy”.

  5. Love the shirt I found one similar for my hubs on Fathers day but it was too small so I wear it lol.

  6. That hoodie is fantastic and I am LOVING that pic at the top of the post! Your girls are lucky to have such a great daddy!

  7. broxton and marc have the matching shirts…
    love this company 🙂

  8. Yeah for baby-wearing daddies! LOVE that! I wonder how Hubs’ shoulders would fare with wearing Red now… he’s only 36 lbs… 🙂

  9. This is cute! I love Daddy Scrubs and all of the products they offer. Many things are just for mom and baby, but this includes the daddy too!

  10. I love this hoodie! I surprised my hubby with the Daddy Scrubs DaddySwag gift set at my baby shower – he likes it and I’m hoping to see him in the scrubs at the hospital when baby #2 is on his way!

  11. Children really do need a good daddy. It makes a big difference and a good daddy is something children are never too young or too old to appreciate.

  12. Great pics and I love the hoodie! Love seeing a proud Daddy!

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