8 steps to rocking good hair


I’ve been the recipient of some “your hair looks really good” compliments lately (which might be because I wasn’t wearing makeup and it was the nicest thing people could say), but in reality, my IRL friends have complimented it a lot, too.

So, I thought I’d share my steps to shiny hair wonderness.

(Yes, I made up a word. Pretty sure that first sentence is also a run-on!)

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0.1 Be pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins. I don’t think this is imperative, but just more of a pre-note.*

1. Day 1 (Wednesday for the week I’m talking about): Wash hair at night (Wednesday for the week I’m talking about). Apply product and quickly blow dry (btw, I have crazy frizzy hair..this looks terrible).

2. Go to sleep on said crazy, frizzy hair (or be very thankful that you’ve never had to use a flat-iron..and if you’ve never had to use a flat-iron? Don’t tell me..I’m not sure we can still be friends).

3. Day 2 (Thursday): Contemplate flat ironing your hair, but go against it because it’s a drizzly day and your hair will only be frizzy again the next day.

4. Day 3 (Friday): Be thankful you didn’t flat iron your hair because you are painting your baby’s nursery. Instead, throw it in a pony tail, or up out of your face. If you are really lucky, get some paint in your hair.

5. Day 4 (Saturday): Wait until the paint is good and dry, and find the strands of hair that have said paint on them. Slowly pull the paint off those strands of hair.

6. Cook a ton of food, likely get some flour in you hair (making Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls if you must know!)

7. Realize you are going to church that night. Succumb to the flat-iron and get the crazies out, and the bumps from the band holding your hair up.  Sleek shiny hair.

8. Day 5: (Sunday) Wake up, run your fingers through the bottom of your hair (don’t touch too close to the roots, you might start to have some oil and you don’t want to move it around) and you are good to go!

End result, pretty, nice and shiny hair. I promise it doesn’t look oily either.  But, here’s the deal, if you wash your hair everyday, slowly add one day in. Really, you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Even when I was teaching several aerobics classes a week, I would just rinse my hair in the shower and maybe apply some conditioner and be on my way.

You can do it. Embrace it. Promise, it will start looking shinier in no time.

*And, that is my justification for using this picture where you can’t even really see the rocking good hair. But, I think you sort of can and that counts for something!

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  1. This seems a tad complicated to me… ;-P But hey! Whatever works!

    I adore that photo. 🙂

    1. Yeah, the painting and cinnamon rolls make it quite the challenge, don’t they?

      (Secret…you can skip those steps).

    1. Ummm..I don’t know if we can still be friends. Well, guess I’ll forgive you.

  2. ooh man this sounds a lot like my routine.. but I skip the blow drying because my hair wouldn’t fit through the door 😉

    1. Yeah, your hair is like our girls (well, okay, yours is way curlier) and there is no way I’d blow dry theirs. Super curly is nice too because it won’t even look oily:)

  3. I know I should do this… my hair has been DRY lately… but I do love to shower/wash it everyday! but, I’ve got to do something different. hmmm

    1. It really would help! And, you don’t have to skip the shower, either. You can get a shower cap (seriously…I know it sounds funny)! Try to just skip one day and see what happens.

  4. Sounds very similar to what I do. But I usually wash it every other day. And yes, prenatal vitamins do help. 🙂

    1. Go for every three days. Seriously! Think of the savings in shampoo and product! (I know, you probably think I’m crazy!)

  5. i just bought my first ever straightener and i am scared to even open it!!

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