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I want to stop today and thank all of the past, present and future Veterans for our countries and their families.  I haven’t had anybody in my life that is directly a Veteran, but many family members, and their spouses have served or are serving our country and I want to thank them.  Thank them for everything they are doing.  For the risk.  For the sacrifice.  For the danger.

Thank you.

Veteran's Day


~ It started with a tickle in my throat and has moved into my sinuses.  And, now, I have on my sexy voice.  You know, the one from coughing and congestion?  Good times.  Because of said congestion, I used three pillows last night so I could breath.  But now my neck is killing me.  Breathing or sore neck…it’s a toss up, really.

~ I’ve got some thoughts rolling around in my head about “No Child Left Behind.”  I think I’m going to go there, but I’ve got to get them all straight first.

~ The oldest has been caught on several occasions saying “Really?”  and “Are you Serious?”  Yeah, she’s totally my daughter!

~ Since the disposable kids underwear aren’t cutting it, I’ve been using cloth diapers at night on the younger one. I’m not going to push it, it’s not worth it.  But, she thinks it’s awesome that there are three different ones she can pick from.  “Can I wear the one with the hearts mommy?”  Seriously, why is she excited about this?

~ We are headed to a birthday party this weekend for a little boy in our neighborhood. He’s turning 2.  The girls love him.  They talk about him like he’s a celebrity.  Poor kid.  They chase after him and hug on him and want to play with him all the time.  And, the oldest just said “I like weekend with birthday parties. They are way more fun then just staying home!”

~ I’m a little bummed.  This is the first year in a while that we haven’t had any family visiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year.  No plans.  Just hanging at home.  I guess the good part is, we can do the day however we want!

~ Every time I see a commercial for the McRib, I gag.  Seriously, not only does it sound disgusting, but why in the world would you want “meat” shaped to look like meat and bones?  I don’t get it.  Yuck!

~ Wishful thinking, but maybe, maybe this will be the weekend that we have nap time success with the loft beds.  Maybe?  Please!

~ Don’t forget to take a Mommy and Me picture for next week!

~ Hoping you all have a happy weekend.  Big plans?

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  1. mrs. hils says:

    We’ll hang out with you around Christmas! And you don’t even have to give us a gift. tee-hee

    1. It’s just repulsive, isn’t it? I don’t get it at all!

  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon. And can I say you are so brave with those new beds. My big guy is wagering for a set of bunk beds but the height thing has dad freaked out!

    1. Starting to feel better. Crazy, right? They didn’t seem nearly that tall when we ordered them. But, the cool part is we could easily move them down by drilling four new holes.

      Fortunately, dad is tall here, so it doesn’t make him as nervous as it does me.

  3. Feel better soon! Everyone I know (including me) is getting sick now. It’s everywhere!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

    1. I dislike it when people say this, but it fits, right “Tis the season!”

  4. Completely agree about the McRib. Also, every time I see the KFC commercial with the mashed potatoes, cheese, gravy, bacon, chicken, and corn it makes me want to barf. So gross.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    And yes! Thank you to all our Veterans!

  5. Sweet, sweet gratitude you’re showing…thank you. Great words.

    I hear you on the McGag, too. Blech. And they just bringin’ that thing on back.

    1. It seems to come back at least once a year…like they are building a buzz by relaunching it periodically. Gross.

    1. Did you read it? I posted it earlier this week..I can’t remember if I saw a comment or not from you. I think the comments spurred me posting a part 2!

  6. the mcrib totally grosses me out. and then once when we were up in maine we noticed they had the mclobster roll. that can’t be good!!

    happy happy weekend!

    1. McLobster Roll? Is it like fake sushi or is it on a roll?

  7. Hope you feel better!!

    I think the McRib is disgusting, too. I like their oatmeal though.

    1. Haven’t tried their oatmeal (not that I’ve tried the McRib), but I bet it’s good (the oatmeal, not the McRib).

  8. Well said about the veteran’s… thank you for your support of the troops, it’s much appreciated. =)
    Sounds like you’ve been busy. I’d love to hear your thoughts on “No child left behind,” I have some of my own also.
    Hubby was just saying that the McRib makes him sick just looking at it… I think it’s nasty. I also LOVE the drawing of the girls room by your daughter of the loft beds, hope they enjoy their naps.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I wrote about it earlier this week.

      Yes, the McRib makes me gag, too!

      Naps…um, still not there yet. But, being hopeful.

  9. The McRib seriously grosses me out SO MUCH! I just told my husband this like 20 times this week and we joke about it all the time. It cracks me up that you mentioned it!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend… 🙂

  10. Grammy Lura says:

    Thanks for remembering our service men and women who have served and are serving. They have my thanks too. Sorry that you are not well. I hope that you get better soon. I am sending love and best wishes your way. Hugs, Lura

    1. Thank you, still have the sniffles, but I’m getting better.

  11. We’ve been fighting the sickies here too! i don’t like my voice like that:) Hope you fee better soon and hope you enjoy your quiet holiday weekend. We had a quiet one this year and honestly, it was kind of lovely! A great time to start our own traditions!

    1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Nice, quiet and relaxing. And, if we eat dinner in our jammies, it’s okay!

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