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13 Amazing Tea Mugs


I’m not a huge coffee person, but I love a nice herbal tea. I just can’t do caffeine. So, I’m all about finding a tasty and savory tea that won’t give me the jitters and the shakes. I’ve become even obsessed with tea with my water cooler (and heater) that has water coming out at the perfect hot temperature for brewing a cup of tea. And, these fun mugs bring me joy….especially when they are punny. So, I put together a list of 13 amazing tea mugs that are sure to make you excited to gift a great mug (and maybe a box or two of tea, too!).

13 amazing tea mugs

I even brew tea in the summer. Those elderberries aren’t going to brew themselves, and I’m convinced that is part of what kept me plague-free this year.

fontis water for hot tea

But, tea is best enjoyed in a fun mug, or a witty mug, or maybe even a dorky mug. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tea mugs with you.

1. Tea Chemistry Glass Infuser

Even though I’m not teaching or really even using my chemistry degree, the love of chemistry is still strong. So, a nice tea infuser with chemistry molecules all over it is right up my alley. You can also use it to infuse your tea with fruits or veggies.

Chemistry tea infuser

2. Mr. Tea

Who doesn’t pity the fool that doesn’t love a good tea? Mr. T. of course, or that’s Mr Tea to you!

Mr tea

3. Mana-Tea

I love a good pun. And when you can make a pun with a manatee, it’s even better. And a manatee drinking tea on the side of a tea mug takes the cake.

Mana tea

4. Atlanta Skyline

Skylines for cities make great souvenirs, or reminders of where you come from or where you are. I think I’ll send this one to my sister as she likes to send me all things Texas. And, yes, they have a ton of skylines and cities.

Atlanta skyline mug

5. R2-Tea-2

Another great pun from the land of Star Wars. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a stretch, but R2D2 is so lovable, that I had to include this one.


6. Tea-Rex

Every time I see anything with a t-rex I giggle. The short arms and the inability to do things with them. Yet, here we are and this “Tea-rex” can hold his/her own mug of tea.

Tea rex

7. Oh, for Fox Sake

The foxes…the sneaky and sly way to get in some choice words without really getting them in.

Fox sake

8. Namaste Here and Drink My Tea

A good yoga chill and have your tea drink might be just want your yogi friend would want to drink from.

Namaste tea

9. Not Tea

And then of course, the convincing of people that what you are drinking REALLY is tea…or maybe something even more awesome.

Not tea

10. There’s a 50% Chance this is Vodka

Awesome like vodka? I know a couple people that it could be more like 95%! But I promise not to name names.


11. Unicorn

We have a think for unicorns in our house, mostly because of our redheaded unicorns, but the rainbow ones are a close second.


12. Drop it like it’s hot

If you are feeling tired or worn down, this mug is sure to inspire you to get up and dance…and drop it like it’s hot. Or, maybe don’t because that will burn you.

Drop it like it s hot

13. Hello, it’s tea

Maybe you need a little more subdued singing…like an Adele ear worm. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered here, too.

Hello its tea

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  1. I have a manaTEA steeper to go with the manatea mug. It makes me giggle whenever I use it!

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