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This week has been full of coloring and painting and getting outdoors. The girls still managed to get in plenty of screen time, but I also wanted to keep our minds and bodies moving!

We did some group coloring pages. First, I invited B to color with me. She let me color the horn on the unicorn! 

art with B coloring

I got to color in some of the other colors, too, but I mostly got direction and followed her lead. I bet you can’t tell what else I colored and what she did. 

I was trying to be sneaky and get a picture of her coloring, but she was on to me!

B coloring

E and B also had some fun doing painting lessons with a Watercolor for Kids class (see below for a discount)! They started with royal animals and ventured into some fun winter accessories and animals. 

painting with watercolor for kids

They did a great job and it kept their attention for hours and even carried over to the next days. They have wanted to do it every day! There is also a Simplified Watercolor for bigger kids and grown ups!

Save 25% with code KRYSTYN25 until Monday December 2nd at 11pm pst.

We also had some fun with Jenna at Kennesaw Mountain. 

hiking kennesaw mountain

We hiked up to the top and over and back down the road. I think this might be only the second time we hiked and I didn’t bring a single carrier. We all made it on the hike with no carrying.

I was trying to grab a group selfie and a nice man offered to grab our picture!

hiking kennesaw mountain

We had a great Thanksgiving week, but we are all ready to go back to our routine. Of course, it’s December…so it’s going to be equally as crazy! (Has anybody figured out how to be a two concerts at two different schools at the same time?

What did you do this week?

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  1. I almost died twice, but it was a great time!

  2. When I read your blog it reminds me of my conversations with an old friend. Great content!
    although colouring and painting seem to be the way to go for children. Also giving them a pamper session can be a great addition to bring the family closer.

  3. We have been doing a lot of crafts too. We did tie-dye this weekend. We also planted our fairy garden. We recently bought the supplies to try pour painting also!

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