An open letter (a good one)


dear random person-

today, i hit a wall (figuratively).  i’m exhausted.  i’ve been on full-time mom and wife duty this weekend.  the husband’s vision has to get worse before it gets better, and today was worse.

add to it the terrible road rash and the stupid splint on my arm, and i’m fed up.  i can hardly do anything.  i’m typing with one hand plus one finger and trying to keep it all together.

so, you’ll understand my pity party.  i might have even cried.

tonight, after my girls and husband went to bed (very early), i was feeling like i deserved a treat and needed to get out of the house.  you see, the husband’s eyes are light sensitive, so i’ve been feeling a bit like a vampire.

dq it was.  momma and baby needed a heath blizzard, and i got one for the husband, too.

i pulled up to the window looking for my change, and the young man at the window told me you paid for my treat.

my woe-is-me treat.

you made my day.  a simple little pay-it-forward (which i couldn’t do with the person behind me as i didn’t have enough money), random act of kindness totally changed the day for me.

so, stranger in the pick up truck at dq tonight, you have no idea how much your random act of kindess impacted me.

and, i’ve got my $4 out to pay it forward tomorrow.

thank you for your kindness.



the lady with her hair a mess and looking crazy in the van behind you.

have you ever had a random act of kindness done for you, or done one yourself?


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  1. Just a couple of weeks ago my aunt said that someone paid for her meal just like this at Chick-Fil-A. Said she had no clue who it was! It made my day just to read this – it’s nice to know that there are people out there who do things like this.

    It’s now my goal to do this for someone else the next time I’m out!

  2. How amazing! What a great story and I love Heath blizzards too!

  3. Love. Sorry you’ve had a rough spot though my friend.

    And yes, this is the first true use of an open letter I have ever read.

    1. Glad you approve:) I immediately thought of you when writing it..because I’ve definitely written some that aren’t really good uses.

  4. how awesome is that?? seriously honey so great!

    ps – hope the good cry plus the blizzard have you feeling much better tonight!

  5. The Starbucks near my old office was notorious for this. At least 4 times in a short period. It became so often that I think we would create a chain. The person in front paid for mine and then I paid for the person behind me. Its was great!

    1. I wanted to continue it..but I didn’t have enough $$!

  6. that is SO awesome!! what a blessing to you and your family. I hope everyone gets feeling better soon. I also have a question for you, we were thinking of coming to the atlanta area for thanksgiving. do you have any tips for cheap nice places to stay? things to do? Thanks!!

    1. Cheap places? Not really…just probably don’t stay in Atlanta, stay in the burbs.

      Things to do…
      Brunch: Atkins Park or J. Christophers

      Touristy: The Aquarium, The World of Coke, Fernbank Museum, Piedmont Park, Centennial Park (where the Olympics were. It has one of those fountains built into the ground.)

      Food: Siam Square (Thai), La Parilla (Mexican), The Varsity (sort of touristy, too)

      That should keep you busy:)

  7. That. Is. So. AWESOME. Love that. You just reminded me to do that for someone too. Love.

    Hope tomorrow is MUCH BETTER!

  8. What a fabulous feel good story. I think I may pay it forward today!

  9. Isn’t that a great feeling? My Mom has a sign on the back of her van that says “Smile – Life is beautiful and so are you” One day my Dad was in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s and the sign tickled the lady behind him so much that she bought his drink for him. I’m glad someone “knew” to do something nice for you after the bad week you’ve had.

  10. I love that this happened to you NOW. Because you so needed that pick-me-up. I guess the universe just knew that. 😉 Hope your DQ was good. Wait, I know it was! I LOVE DQ!! 😀

  11. I got goose bumps reading this. What an amazing thing.

    I am inspired so go and do some kindness.

    1. I hope you did! I’m still waiting to pay mine forward.

  12. grandma Pat says:

    wow, this brought tears to my eyes. I know you have had a very rough couple of days and needed a true act of kindness. God does work in mysterious ways. I couldn’t be there to give you a hug and a random stranger did it for me. May not have been an actual hug but surely did the job. I love you very much and miss all of you terribly. I wish you lived closer so Joe and I could lend a hand more often.

  13. Wow! That is extremely nice! I have never had that done to me or done it myself. I will admit that if I run into the grocery store or a convenient store really quickly and there is 20 cents or something like that in change, I say keep it. I worked in a grocery store as a HS student and was always thankful when my till was over.
    It’s the little things that really make someone’s day. I always hold doors, greet someone who is looking at me, use my manner because you never know when it will help someone else.
    Thanks to the guy in the dq bc it sounds like you really needed that blizzard!

    1. I’ve worked retail many times…and never once got to keep the extra till….very nice and lucky for you.

      Yes, manners are so very important, and one smile can make all the difference in the world.

  14. That was sweet, I haven’t had that happen to me, but, I have given to strangers, I had to pull in for gas one day, and as I walked into the station there were 5 teenagers setting out on a rock wall in the sun, sweaty looking and hot and I said my gosh you guys look Hot, they were burning up, and one of them told me they were waiting for their Mom to get off work and pick them up. Anyways I went in there and got them all a drink, I think I got a few cokes and a couple bottles of tea and handed them the bag as I walked by on the way back to my car. As I pulled out I heard Thank You Mam.. and yes It does feel good to help someone in an random act of kindness, I heard that Thank You Mam and it made my day!

    1. How very nice of you! I’m sure they really appreciated it! And, glad they had good manners to thank you.

  15. What a sweet person, I love when that happens and I need to remember to DO it more often!

  16. Aww, how sweet! It brought tears to my eyes. Its so nice to hear of nice things that complete strangers do for others without asking for anything in return!

    And as for you, I hope you have someone who could come by and babysit for a few hours so could take hubby out for some icecream and ride under the stars?
    Sounds like you both need a break. Praying for you dear.

    1. Oh, that would be awesome! We have a friend coming over this weekend and a little much needed date time scheduled!

  17. I’m so glad that happened to you and made your day. I bought someone’s coffee behind me the other day. I’m doing random acts of kindness in remembrance of someone.

  18. Mr Serious says:

    Reeses cup blizzard was awesome. Thanks wifey and random dude!

  19. Awesome! I love it. Couldn’t have been a more deserving person at that DQ window that night. And how sweet you are for paying it forward.

    1. Thanks, Holly! Wouldn’t you know, I *still* have that money in the car. I’ve been to the bucks twice and nobody was in front of me or behind me…still waiting.

  20. I really need to do this, it’s mentioned daily on a Christian radio station here. I’m so glad that you received this, well deserved, act of kindness!

    Hope today is better!

  21. that’s awesome, Krystyn! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

  22. That is such a great story… I’m so glad that happened for you. You really needed that, God was watching over you.
    I hope when you are able to do your “Pay it Forward” you help someone who needs it just as much. =)
    I have paid for the car behind me at a toll once… It was only $0.50, but it’s the thought that counts. I hope they appreciated it.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely not the $$, but the thought. I’m still waiting for my chance to pay it forward.

  23. DQ is out treat-of-choice as well, be it pity party, first day of school, bad hair day, any excuse will do. I’m counting the days until they start making the pumpkin pie blizzards again! I wish the sweet person in front of you had some way to know how perfect their timing was 🙂

    1. Okay, not a pumpkin pie fan, but for some reason, this blizzard really sounds good!

      And I wish I could have told them, too!

  24. I so got teary-eyed reading this!! What a wonderful surprise! It never ceases to amaze me how something so little can make such a huge difference, and touch me so deeply. I’d love to hear how you end up paying it forward!!

    1. I’m still waiting. I’ve been to several places and nobody has been behind me or in front of me…can you believe it? But, the money is still in the car waiting to be used!

  25. I LOVE this. I’ve always wanted to do this for someone, but I get busy and forget. I really need to make an effort to follow through.

  26. I always want to do this but never do, which is dumb. Maybe I will soon.

    1. Maybe set a couple dollars aside and next time you have a chance, do it!

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