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Last week was breastfeeding awareness week, but I think it’s this month, too. I get confused the weeks/dates/months. Last week, I also had a clogged duct, or maybe ducts. Again. It was so bad that I was crippled over in pain when I put my purse over my shoulder. The only thing that has worked for me is warm compresses, HOT baths and nursing with gravity on my side. B, apparently, is very comfortable with this. Breastfeeding is beautiful She’s a silly girl that B. She and I also took a quick weekend trip to Houston for my niece’s first birthday! Thankfully, she did great on the plane and only had a brief couple minutes of fussing on each flight (but she sure did have bags under her eyes from missing so much sleep). Mommy and B It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids. Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information. Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friends’ husband.

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  1. pat chance says:

    Love the note under B’s picture in the swing. She did not like it 1 bit. Very nice seeing you both this weekend.

  2. Aww, so cute. I hope your clogged ducts resolved themselves!!

  3. It’s so weird that these nursing days are behind me. I can so relate, but can’t get over how long ago that was. Love that first picture, so silly!

  4. I’m so sorry! Clogged ducts are never fun! I had to pump Saturday am before I went to a wedding. We went about 6 hours away so I didn’t bring anything frozen and figured I could just pump in the am for his evening bottle. The housekeeper ended up dumping it and I had to pump 6 more oz! Needless to say I’m engorged and petrified I’ll get clogged! Blah!

  5. The only thing that helped my clogged ducts was pumping. But until I realized that, I thought I was dying.
    Hugs to B!

  6. Can’t really speak to the clogged ducts although my wife breastfed both of my kids and it was the best decision, for us. The top photo is funny. That must have been fun trying to get that shot.

  7. hope you are feeling better now….
    I could not imagine the pain….

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