Baby B is Here | Mommy and Me Monday | The 202nd ed


B arrived Sunday morning before we could make it to the hospital (birth story to come).
12.29.2013    7lb 13oz    19.5in    7:30am-ish


We are both doing fabulous. Her sisters were able to give her quick kisses before we were taken in for newborn stats and monitoring.

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  1. Heather B, says:

    Can’t wait to hear the birth story! Congrats!!

  2. Raisa Lefe' (@raisalefe) says:

    So happy for you and the family! She is so gorgeous Krystyn and her name is amazing. Looking forward to hearing the birth story. xoxo Raisa

  3. You look great momma! She is certainly precious. You have your “little women”! Congrats!

  4. YAY!!!! She is so precious!!!!! I LOVE her name so much!! Can’t wait to hear all about her entry into the world!! Congrats my friend!!!!!!

  5. Wow, unplanned home birth! That sounds like it was crazy!! So glad she is here and healthy. 🙂 I hope you’re recovering well, congrats!

  6. Lura Staffanson says:

    I am so happy for you. Beatrice is another little beauty. I’m glad that you both are doing well…. prayers are answered. Congratulations with lots of love.

  7. What in the world!? She came that quickly!?! Beatrice is beautiful. Congratulations, Mama!

  8. Oh my gosh I am SO happy for you! She looks like such a sweet angel in these photos and you are absolutely glowing. Congratulations Krystyn.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  9. Barbara Montag says:

    A mega congrats to you!

  10. She is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  11. Welcome Sweet B! I can’t wait to meet you. I bet your sisters are loving every tiny bit of you!

  12. Congrats Lady! I’m so happy that your family has continued to grow and be blessed! Take care and have a great new year!

  13. Ack!!! She was born on my oldest Jacob’s Birthday. He turned 17 on Sunday. So sweet and precious she is. I don’t comment often but I do check in. New Year resolution… to blog! Congratulations you guys!!

  14. Lura Staffanson says:

    I had to come back again just to look at these sweet pictures again. She is so precious. I am so happy for you, the girls and Mr. Serious. Congratulations again. Hugs

  15. Lura Staffanson says:

    Hello again….. It is just me stopping by again to let you know I am thinking of you with love and best wishes. I hope that all is going well with you and Baby B. Hugs, Grammy Lura

  16. congratulations again and again!!

    and you know how i love her name 🙂

  17. Cynthia R says:

    Congratulations, Beatrice looks beautiful.

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