Back to School Trends at Justice


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Back to school is so tricky in Georgia. We go back the very first of August while some people are just finding their summer jive. So, come July, it’s time for us to look for back to school clothes, supplies and more. As as these girls get older, they want a say in what they wear and bring with them to school.

Back to school with justice

Gone are the days of me pocking out their backpacks and the girls’ shirts. Thankfully, there are stores like Justice that cater to on-trend clothes and back to school items that my girls like. And this year, sequins and metallic seem to be it.

Justice back to school horizontal

Girls’ backpacks

Unicorns and shimmery flip sequins? If this is your kids’ thing, you are in luck. Because this backpack is a magical unicorn complete with horn and ears and features over shimmery flip sequins. You’ll notice the girls couldn’t help but make the top part of the sequins into a smiling face.

Smile on backpack

Justice backpacks are perfect for back to school of even on-the-go travel for all of her adventures. With the flip of the sequins, she can really express herself and style all year long.

The backpack features comfy padded straps and side pockets on both sides (so important!) that will secure your water bottle. Did I mention we’ve lost water bottles from shallow pockets on other bags? Of course there is a ton of room inside for school gear and even your lunch tote. And then there is front pocket for school supplies.

The fuzzy pompom zipper had all four of the girls obsessing about how soft and fluffy it was. The jury is still out on who will be taking this to school in a few short weeks.

Tops for Girls

We are big fans of expressive graphic tees. Not only are they quite affordable, but the girls can decide to express themselves in a fun and maybe silly way. Thankfully they are full of positive statements and cute colorful designs.

These bright Justice graphic tees can’t help but make me smile whenever she wears them. My hope is they make her and others smile, too and she’ll wear them a lot!

Back to school shirt

Matching Accessories

Not only does Justice carry great and fun backpacks, but they also have matching accessories like this lunch tote. It even has a great unicorn and the flipping sequins on it.

Flipping sequins

Lunch totes are often replaced here. Somehow they get really nasty throughout the year. The sequins and fluffy zipper pull make them all the more popular. They also had a matching wristlet, sleeved water bottle (let’s hope they like this one enough for it to not end up in the lost and found) and the sequin pencil case.

All laying down

Head to Justice to check out what other fun goodies they have for your child to express herself for this back to school season. And make sure you print out your first day of school signs and first day of school questionnaires.

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