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For the first time in a few years, Thanksgiving is back to just our family flying solo. The plan is to be pretty chill and have a low stress but traditional Thanksgiving meal. There’s sure to be games, and TV and movies. But, I wanted to create a Thanksgiving matching game for some quick fun. The girls can just grab the cards, spread them out and go.

Kids Thanksgiving Memory Game

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If you are looking for crafts, check out this fun turkey cone you can make with things you likely have on hand. 

Once we printed out our memory game, it was time for the girls to start cutting out each of the squares. The girls divided and conquered their sets while having some sips of Juicy Juice. 

preparing thanksgiving matching game

Surprise, we included Santa as my oldest daughter’s suggestion because that’s what comes at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade, so I thought it was a good fit. 

cutting out thanksgiving matching game
Once all of the squares were cut out, it was time for the memory game to commence. There are 30 cards in this memory game, so 15 pairs. This should make it easy for 2 or more players to play. We made grid of 5×6.

playing thanksgiving matching game

Don’t forget, if you find a pair, you get to take another turn. 

playing thanksgiving matching game.jpg with pairs

Maybe, I should have made the rules to include whatever pairs you find are things you have to make! I guess making a wreath might be a little challenging, but hey, creativity, right?

finishing up thanksgiving matching game

Grab your free Thanksgiving Memory game printable and get to matching! Yes, adults can play, too!

Printing recommendations for your Free Thanksgiving Memory Game:

If you have it, I recommend printing your Thanksgiving Memory game on cardstock or the thickest paper you can have. If you don’t have thick paper, I’d recommend backing your squares with another sheet or paper, or even better, dark construction paper or scrapbooking paper. Otherwise, it’s kind of easy to see each card’s design when they are face down. 

Kids thanksgiving memory game Kids Thanksgiving memory game free printable

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