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Intentionally, we have a very full summer schedule. We all need to stay busy. I need everybody to stay busy. That means that there are camps and activities for the kids. But, B isn’t quite old enough for the camps, so she gets to hang out with me. Most days, that has meant a trip to the YMCA, maybe a trip to the bank (where she knows she will get a lollipop) or heading home and having lunch with mommy. During the school year, Thursdays, I was solo and deemed it my “Get Stuff Done” Day. And, the summer has been no exception, but I have a buddy that tags along.

This Thursday, we dropped the big three off at art camp at church, and then headed off on our adventure. The first stop was to the ‘bux to grab and frufru drink for me (seriously, soy, decaf caramel frap, no whip if you must know) and a small water for B. She feels like she’s getting something. It’s a win.

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

Once we got to our first store stop, we hoped out and I noticed she had removed the lid to her water cup. That’s not unusual. But, since I partnered with Boon, I remembered I had tossed a package of Boon SNUG in the car for our next outing. So, I popped that SNUG lid on, and we grabbed a selfie before heading into the store…where she posed with some fun items and a giant B. Thank goodness she doesn’t know that’s a B yet, or I’m sure that would have ended up in the cart…

A day with B

…and decided she needed a nap on the new pillows I was buying…

A day with B

It turns out she’s also very particular about where things go in the cart, too. She’s a tough customer, that B!

After shopping, she kept telling me she was ready for lunch. Which, actually she had been telling me since we dropped her sisters off at 9! So, but 10:30, she was starving! We had to drive a little further towards home until it was 11:00 and a restaurant was actually serving lunch! I found one I knew she would like and we headed in. Oddly enough, we weren’t the first ones there!

Usually, I order her a drink with a kids cup, but sometimes, she plays with those lids, too and ends up making a mess. So, ordered her a grown-up cup full of water (she was so mad it wasn’t “lem-momade”) and put the Boon SNUG lid on it. It really made the cup and drink process so much easier for all of us. There was no drama or spills so we could all lunch happy.

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

The Boon SNUG comes with three lids, three straws and one cup, but I found it easiest to just throw the lid in the bag and use it as needed. It almost takes up no space.

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

After munching on a “chippy” or two, she was happy to color on her paper while waiting for her cup of beans.

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

And, when she wasn’t looking, I tested out her cup to see if it would leak. It didn’t. (I realize there is water on the table under it and it looks like it leaked…but that was actually from me spilling a bit of her water before getting the lid on. Go figure!)

From Boon:

Boon has created an innovative solution for on-the-go toddler mealtime, that makes these types of concerns a thing of the past, the Boon SNUG Universal Silicone Cup Lids. SNUG silicone lids fit over any regular cup with a 2.5” to 3.75” diameter – in other words, almost all of the cups/glasses you’ll encounter when dining out. Believe it or not, Boon’s SNUG lid instantly transforms any cup into a sippy (or straw) cup, to help prevent messy spills.

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

After the beans arrived, B decided that sitting next to me was no fun and asked me to move across the table. I was happy to oblige. She’s messy. Plus, I get to look at her cute face while eating!

Lunch with B | Mommy and Me Monday | Boon Snug Review

It was nice to have a day with just B. It used to be the two of us a lot more often, but as she’s gotten older and her sisters have gotten older, it’s become less and less the norm. I’m pretty excited about the kid she’s becoming and learning about her more and more everyday. And, yes, one day, she won’t have to take her bunny and paci with her everywhere, but until that day, I’m happy to have them join us for a meal, too!

What were you up to this week?

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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    Great post! Love that B and all her cuteness

  2. Christina Moore says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing

  3. Pat Chance says:

    Great post. Those cup covers are great. Do you have to use their straw or can a straw from the restaurant also work? I think every parent needs some of these.

  4. Oh my gosh! She is such a doll! Adorable!
    It is so nice to have one on one time, isn’t it?

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    Glad you both had a lot of fun. She is really cute.

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