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We are wrapping up summer here, but not before we take every little occasion to have a celebration. Lately, we’ve been feeling the need to embrace life and celebrate more. And often, this means there is ice cream involved, especially in the heat of the summer. Thanks to our partnership with Mayfield, we’ve celebrated several times this month with some of their iconic homemade taste all around the city and at home. These girls aren’t excited, are they?

celebrating with mayfield

Celebrate Everyday At a Braves baseball game

Our oldest two girls stayed in Houston a couple extra days for some bonus time with the grandparents. This meant that that Mr. Serious and I had some bonus time with our youngest two girls. We definitely celebrated it. It was a little strange only having two kids with us. We kind of forgot what it was like to have one kid per adult.

One of the first things we did with the girls was take them to a Braves game. I had no idea these two were such Braves fans. They insisted on wearing Braves hats and shirts (at one point) and had to bring their foam tomahawks for chopping when the Braves scored.

chop on with the braves

Along with peanuts, cotton candy and popcorn, ice cream seemed a natural solution for a tasty snack that would cool us off, too. We found our way to one of the six Mayfield Creamery Kiosks throughout SunTrust Park to get a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Mayfield Creamery ice cream is the official ice cream of the Atlanta Braves with flavors such as Signature Vanilla and Cookies and Cream with other flavors rotating throughout the month. Mayfield is excited to continue to share their ice cream with Braves fans to celebrate those everyday moments and victories, on and off the field, like when the Braves won the game.

braves with mayfield

Scooping at home and celebrating visitors

The big sisters finally came home and they brought Grammi and Aunt Sue (from England) with them. Naturally that meant more celebrating with some ice cream.


We’ve got a mix of cones and cups for the girls and grown-ups so everybody could have their favorite ice cream flavor their favorite way.

Mayfield scoop

The sisters were happy to be reunited and have some time with their Grammi! We also gave Grammi a little verse of “Happy Birthday” because she was headed home before her actual day. If ice cream is wrong for “happy birthday,” we don’t want to be right!

Grammi with ice cream

Aunt Sue was able to get in on the post-dinner treats, too. And, she got a lapful of “Serious” girls, too.

Ice cream with sue

When not enjoying Mayfield ice cream out and about, Atlanta-area residents can find Mayfield Creamery ice cream and frozen novelties at Walmart, Kroger, Publix and Ingles stores.

Dining out with Chef Partnerships with Mayfield

In the same week, we had to celebrate a weekend of all being home together. We headed to Brezza Cucina for a nice meal out with all six of us. It had been almost a full month of traveling and a crazy schedule, so it was nice to have it with just us. After a nice dinner (red snapper for me), we tasted their Smoky Mountain Fudge Swirl dessert.

Ice cream at brezza cucina

This dessert was created by James Beard Award winner chef and Top Chef contestant, Chef Jonathan Waxman featuring Mayfield ice cream. Waxman also created a Summery Berry Fontana, but the last one was ordered right before we put in our dessert. They seemed pretty happy with the dessert, except they didn’t want to wait to eat it so I could take a picture (poor B!)

Ice cream with daddy

And when I said they could dig in, they didn’t even move from their picture pose. They stood and sat in this same spot until both containers were completely emptied. I managed to snag a taste before dessert disappeared, and it was delicious. It’s safe to say it was a hit.

Dig in

In addition to this partnership, Mayfield Creamery is partnering with other influential chefs and hot spots in the South to create southern dessert recipes made with Mayfield ice cream, celebrating its roots.

Mayfield’s iconic flavors

We were able to try quite a few of Mayfield’s iconic flavors with southern genuine homemade taste. The whole family is sure to find a flavor they like with an exciting array of limited time only varieties, all with the genuine southern homemade taste families across the Southeast have loved and trusted since 1923.

To create these flavors, Mayfield Creamery ice cream uses fresh cream from their own dairy – with no artificial growth hormones – from family recipes that have been perfected over three generations. Over the years, Mayfield has offered signature and classic ice cream flavors that their fans crave and developed exciting new recipes inspired by southern dessert traditions, each crafted to ensure the same homemade taste that’s delighted families since their very first batch in 1923.

What have you celebrated recently?


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