9 Tips for staying active and on the go with your family


I’m sharing how I stay active with my family thanks to Stayfree® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #StayfreeSisters.

We’ve been adventuring and exploring more with the family. Sitting at home just isn’t fun for us, so we’ve been heading out and checking out new places. In the last couple months, I and/ or the family has been to the Emerald Coast in Florida, Arizona, Walt Disney World, Stone Mountain, Amicalola Falls and Chattanooga.

Sure, it’s hard to adventure and stay active with many kids, but we all are healthier and happier when we are out doing and exploring. It takes a little planning and preparation, too, but once you’d done it a couple times it’s easier and quicker. I wouldn’t say we are pros now, but we forget things less often these days! The drawback to the adventures is that you end up spending some time in the car, but you end up making up for it and getting in more steps and activity once you are to your destination than you would at home (this isn’t scientifically proven by me, but my pedometer says it’s true!).

So, I’ve pulled together some tips for being on the go with your family and staying active and I’m sharing them here. With you. Because I’m a giver like that.

9 Tips for staying active and on the go with your family #stayfreesisters

Just get up and go

Stop feeling like you need a master plan and tons of research and just go. Wing it. You will find something your family will enjoy and have a great time. We went to Chattanooga with zero ideas of what to do after meeting friends at a park. We found a pedestrian bridge, walked across it, found an ice cream shop and had some and just explored the city.

stay active #stayfreesisters

Get excited about it

We talk up our trips and talk about the adventures and what we are going to do. We also talk about previous trips and what we did so the family is reminded of the fun we can have.

Find a destination 1-2 hours away (consult friends on Facebook) or find a destination in your home town

It’s amazing what you will discover in your own backyard or nearby. This is a local park in Chattanooga. I think it’s safe to say these kids are all enjoying their active time.

Incentive for kids #stayfreesisters

A visit to a State Park is easy to plan, usually involves hiking or walking trails and most of the time, you only have to pay a couple dollars to enter/ park.

state parks

Be active on “off days” too

It’s important to be active everyday, not just on adventure days. Otherwise, there will be a lot of whining, complaining and tiredness (not that I speak from experience). This goes for mom and dad, too.

Offer incentives for reaching a destination

We are not beneath a bribe. Ice cream, games, treats and riding on mommy or daddy’s back have all been used to push through a tough spot. Don’t be afraid to use them to keep the activity up and going.

horse riding and ice cream #stayfreesisters

Meet friends

Make it a gathering of friends for you and the kids. There is power in numbers and if the kids have friends there they will be even more excited about the activities.

meet friends #stayfreesisters

Have tasks to complete

While on an adventure / walk / hike, to keep the family engaged, plan a task or two to complete; Geocaching, a simple check list or even a scavenger hunt will have your family active without thinking about it.

Pack a picnic lunch and drinks

It’s been nice, easy and inexpensive for us to throw down a blanket and have a picnic lunch. We don’t have to worry if we are sweaty, or wet from a play area and we don’t have to leave our location to find a restaurant. Plus, it saves us a ton of time.

Picnic lunch #stayfreesisters

Be prepared and protected with supplies

In addition to our diaper bag for the littles, it’s important that I have everything I need to take care of myself while being active so I can be the best mom I can be. That includes all of the sun protection (hat, sunglasses and sunblock) as well as a lot of water (I often end up sharing with the girls) and high protein and fiber + easy to travel snacks. Being a woman means I also need to make sure I’m prepared and protected with something like Stayfree® Ultra Thin® Pads.

The Stayfree® brand features Thermo Control® Technology to wick away moisture and flexible layers that move with my body to keep me dry and comfortable when we are being active.

What's in my keeping my family active bag | Tips for staying active and taking a trip with your family #StayfreeSisters

They also have Stayfree® Overnight Pads which are designed to protect me from overnight leaks, no matter which way I toss and turn. I get maximum protection with NIGHT-GUARD® Zone which blocks leaks in all directions, leaving me feeling comfortable and dry throughout the night.

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We’ve been loving being active and having family adventures this year and can’t wait to see where the next one takes us!

What are your tips for staying active with your family?

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  1. It’s awesome how active your family is. Visiting your blog definitely inspires me to try and get our family out more often.:) I have 3 different baby carriers for this baby when she is born, so hopefully we can still go out and have fun, even with 2 kids and a new baby!

    1. Thanks, Camille. I guess we get stir crazy, easily! And decided that the younger ones can miss naps more often if they don’t car sleep (they never do), so it does have it’s downfalls, too. I’m hopeful one of your carriers work, too!

  2. We try to take walks or hit the playground for at least 30 minutes a day when we’re staying home. Y’all have been so busy this year!

  3. Great list!
    I would add- have low expectation. 😉
    Every time I expect to have a great time I am disappointed so I try to keep my expectations low and then am usually pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    1. Oh, completely! I guess that’s why I said “just go!” We hardly ever have a plan and wing it…it keeps my expectations low for sure!

  4. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    We try to stay active by walking our dogs daily and trying to get to the gym three days a week. When we can’t I try really hard to do my walking DVD’s. Wish I could say I am successful at that all the time!

  5. These are great tips. I love when we are all out and about. I love seeing the learning going on when we aren’t stuck at home.

  6. Jodi Armstrong says:

    It is very important for us also to remain active after having kids. Baby carriers have helped so much and just being flexible In our plans.

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