Do as I say, not as I do


I went into the bathroom today (don’t worry, I’m not going there), and on the floor were a dirty pair of tights and underwear of the princess variety. No, they weren’t mine. I don’t go for the princess undies.

I got upset. I muttered to myself “why can’t these girls help me out? Why can’t they put their dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper? Why must they get undressed in three rooms and their clothes be all over the three rooms?” I begrudgingly pick them up and put them in the dirty clothes.

Then, I go into my room. And, I see exactly why they can’t pick up their clothes. There on the floor? My pajamas from the night before. I don’t consider them dirty and will wear them a couple nights. And, the clothes from the suitcase that I never unpacked from last week.


The girls don’t know this. All they know is that they see my clothes on the floor.

Great example, right?

And just the other night, our oldest told Mr. Serious “Daddy, your room is dirty!”

What’s funny is they totally don’t see their room as dirty!

Their shoes and shoe rack right at the back door that we come in and leave out of…they can never find their shoes.

shoe rack

Hmmm…and my shoe rack. Notice the shoe behind the door, too. (Yes, please tell me how sad you are for our closet. We share that tiny thing…my side is just as small as his side which is showing).

my shoes

When #1 was first born and about 2 seconds old, Mr. Serious said “Let the hypocrisy begin!” The midwife and nurses thought this was hilarious. I found it a little odd. I would think “welcome to the world” or “I love you” might be a little more appropriate (yes, he did say those things first).

But in all honesty? It’s totally the truth. It’s a sad, sad truth, but the truth.

(Excuse me while I go clean my room. Who am I kidding…I’m not going to clean up. I’m going to shower and to bed!)

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  1. Ha! The same exact thoughts went through my head tonight. I’m showering and going to bed in a bout ten minutes. 😉

  2. Funny thing in my household it’s the hubs that does it I use to throw his clothes outside but got into a lot of trouble doing that. I have given up lol

    1. Oh, I just didn’t throw the hubby under the bus…he does the same:)

  3. grandma pat says:

    You didn’t learn this from your mother. I even make the bed every day.

  4. We definitely are what we see. My mom was a neat freak and so am I. Now only if Will could catch on to that. His room is always a mess!

    1. See right above? That’s my mom…she’s a neat freak. I think because of it, I’m a rebel!

    1. Totally…I think it’s the personality traits, too. Whatever they do like me? Drives me the most crazy!

  5. My dad used to hang our clothes we left laying around on the front porch for everyone to see. That changed our bad habits quickly. I didn’t like my bra being shown off to everyone.

    1. Wow! Nice of him. But seriously, if I’m going to pick the clothes up to display them…well, that’s a lot of effort, too!

  6. Elizabeth M. says:

    umm…i hear ya i think i need to check my example in some areas!!

  7. Leah Wolf says:

    My daughter can never find the clothes hamper or her shoes, either.
    Sorry, I can’t feel sad about your closet. I don’t even HAVE a closet! Don’t ask me why, but for some reason in this whole house there are exactly 2 closets, and one of those is the linen closet in the bathroom, so my daughter gets the other closet and the other three in our family, myself included, have dressers and we take advantage of the prior residents having rigged 2 areas in the basement (where our laundry area is) to hang clothes.

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