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In a city near us (Forest Park, GA), an ordinance was passed that resulted in a ban on nursing in public (what is it with politicians making bills and laws without fully thinking of the ramifications?)

So, what happened?  Many, many moms went to the city and staged a nurse-in.

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Because nursing in public shouldn’t be banned.

The government shouldn’t tell us what it thinks is the right age to stop nursing.  It’s up to a mom, her child and possibly their pediatrician.  For me, this really is the end of the argument.

I understand that some people are focusing on the age; they are stating the ban starts at nursing a two year old.

But, I ask, do I need to carry around my child’s birth certificate to prove that they are under 2 years old if I’m nursing in public?  What if I have big kids?  How will this even be checked and enforced?

Again, the bigger issue is not the age, it’s the fact that anybody is stating when we should stop nursing.  Aren’t there bigger things to worry about than a mother discretely feeding her child in a public place?


*obviously photo taken from a not so public, yet very public delivery room.  While I did nurse in public many times and many places including Marietta Square, The Aquarium, countless restaurants and more, I don’t have any photos.  If we are lucky enough to have another child, I will make sure to document it better!


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  1. Our society is so completely and ridiculously screwed up it is disgusting. Breastfeeding. The most natural thing in the world. Banned. WTH??? WHY? You see less when a woman is breastfeeding than you do walking on the beach and seeing girls in a bikini. CA-razy! Shameful.

  2. And that’s just ridiculous considering the WHO recommends nursing a child until 2 years of age and weaning can take time. Sometimes a lot more time than you’d like. Ahem… Anyway, crazy. Like they don’t have anything better to do.

    1. Exactly! I tried to find a link to the WHO where is said the 2 year thing, but no luck. But, I don’t even think that’s really the issue!

  3. I think the key word is discreet. That works for me!

    1. Just wait until you do it…I bet you will feel differently!

  4. This is just so wrong! I didn’t breast feed but I would never want it to be taken away from someone.


    1. Precisely. I’m not saying you have to do it, or shame on you if you don’t, but you have the choice and the option! (Ahhh..I’m sounding so liberal right now, my college would be proud!)

  5. That is wrong….the economy sucks, where is the policy that actually helps in turning that around? Why are women victims in this present society? Why do govt feel the need to dictate to us what we need to do to our unborn and birthed children. To be honest, I am sick of it!

    1. That’s really the bottom line. Sick of it! Let’s take care of our kids and give them the best.

      How about a law for parents that put soda in their kids’ bottles?

  6. i am a first time mom and i exclusivly breastfeed my baby girl. she will be 1 month on thursday. no bottles yet!! anyway i think its wrong to ban breastfeeding no matter what age. its the best thing you can do for your baby and no one should be able to take that from you.

    1. Nothing wrong with bottles (even with nursing…mommy’s need breaks:) But, the fact that you shouldn’t do it somewhere or with rules is just not right.

  7. I agree, just absurd to make a law against this – I think they should be supporting and embracing nursing – it saves moms so much money to nurse, it’s better for the kids, blah blah blah we all know this and yet it’s so hard for some moms to feel comfortable nursing, especially in public – especially when our communities are not supporting us!!

    1. Right? Where is the community support and encouragement? Instead we tell people to sign up for WIC and get free formula (not that there is anything wrong with those things), but how about we try to talk up nursing more!

  8. This government is a big shame! Moms nowadays already face a lot of challenges to be able to breastfeed her babies successfully and this is the last thing that we need! The government SHOULD be supporting breastfeeding moms! And what is wrong about breastfeeding in public? It’s the most natural thin in the world! Oh, I have to stop or else, I’ll fill up your comment section! 😀

    I’m your new follower by the way and I’d really love it if you can follow me back 🙂


    1. I really don’t get it, either! But, you are welcome to vent it out:) Moms do need support and encouragement, not laws against it.

  9. Mr Serious says:

    The government needs to back off the boobies. There is no fury like that a momma bear scorned!

  10. I really don’t understand our government sometimes. Nursing is as natural as childbirth but is seen as something dirty and wrong. Again I wonder what our country is thinking and when will it ever end.

    1. I don’t understand why there aren’t more important things to make rules/laws about?!?!

  11. Good gravy. What is wrong with people? I mean SERIOUSLY??? Ugh.

  12. Wow….banned, eh?………As a mom who has been doing a certain amount of nursing in public over the past 7, almost 8 months, that ban stinks!
    Though, I haven’t really documented it much…lol…..

  13. I agree….so many other things to worry. Such a waste if time and money. Good for those women who made it out there to stand up for what they believe is right.

  14. Oh, I saw this news! Seems kind of arbitrary. Good for those moms who did the nurse-in.

    A woman I know told our mom group someone called the police on her for breastfeeding her baby in her car. She had taken her two children to a shopping center and got her older child some frozen yogurt. She thought her child could eat his yogurt in the car while she breastfed the baby in the privacy of her car. An officer actually came and took her license plate number, and said people weren’t supposed to loiter in parking lots or whatever. She said next time, she’d nurse the baby in the shopping center instead of trying to be discreet! We told her we would do a nurse-in if she had any more problems there!

    1. Wow! She nursed in her car and was told that wasn’t allowed? That is just BS! What was the option for her? She needed to drive home with a hungry baby and old feed her baby at home? Wow!

      What is wrong with people?

  15. Vicki Hall says:

    I don’t breastfeed but I believe its every womans right. Its so much better for baby. I do think it should be done discreetly in public.

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