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My little scientists are at it again….longer hair, talking more, taller and even more curious and inquisitive.

Last summer, I introduced the girls to dry ice experiments and sublimation.

We received a frozen goods package, so I had to do some more dry ice bubbles with them.  And, just like last year, they loved it.

Of course they had forgotten how it went at first.  And, I decided to do it in the bathroom sink (less clean up…lazy mommy, right)?  But, they did remember my warnings about touching the dry ice.  When I got the dry ice out of the styrofoam box, they crammed in the corner and said “watch out, watch out, you don’t want the ice to burn you!”

We put some hot water in the sink, then added some dish soap, and then I tossed the dry ice in.

Instant bubbles.  Remember, they are filled with carbon dioxide, so when you touch the bubbles, they let out a little cloud of “smoke.”

innocent enough

They started smacking at the bubbles and got a bit of “smoke” in their faces.  But, they were still quite cautious.

going in

But, they started to go all in…notice they both have their tongues out:)

starting to have fun

And, then they totally went for it.  Picking up the bubbles.  Scooping them. Blowing on them.  Popping them in their hands.  I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed it just as much this year as they did last year!

now there's the smiles

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  1. oh how cool! I didn’t know it would do that. Very neat. (I have some dry ice sitting in my freezer right now.)

    LOVE their tongues sticking out 😉

    1. Did you give it a try? It’s so much fun for kids of all ages..there are other cool things you can do (like blow bubbles over the top of a container with dry ice in it…watch what happens to the bubbles compared to blowing them over regular air).

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you have got to be one of the coolest moms around!!

  3. My kids would LOVE that. What a cool project! Love the photos too!

    1. You should get some dry ice…you should be able to get it at the grocery store…hours of entertainment, seriously!

    1. Definitely fun..and so many other great things you can do with dry ice, too.

  4. Ashley Reed says:

    They look like they had a blast! I have been looking for fun ways to use dry ice with the kids. They loved seeing it on Halloween last year, and have been asking to make things with it again. I think I’m going to get some and try the bubbles in the next few weeks!

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