Either a vampire bit my cheek, or corn holders hate me


Eating has come to a new level for me.

Apparently, it’s quite dangerous.  And, I don’t mean for your health.

I’m talking about the exterior here.

See this little guy.  All two inches of him?  With those sharp ends?

eating is dangerous

You know he’s for holding your corn, right (which we almost never ever eat).

So, I’m savoring my corn on the cob.  Just nibbling away, when all of a sudden, out of no where, he jumps ship.  No more corn holding for him.  He’s off.  He’s in my hand, and…

and…puncturing my face?!?

eating is dangerous

Okay, so it wasn’t at this angle, it was straight on.  Just like it was trying to stab me.  I wanted you to see where the marks are.

Can you see them?  Yes, they blend in with the freckles.

vampire or corn holder

I didn’t realize it actually pierced my skin until I looked in the mirror and wondered when a baby vampire bit me.

But, then I remembered that I screamed at the dinner table.

Because that freaking hurt!

PS Yes, I’m trying out photobooth on my new computer.  My family (all of them) were super awesome and wonderful and sent money for my birthday to help my dream come true!


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  1. YIKES! I’ve always been a bit leery of those stabby things.

    1. Yes, you must be leery of them. They attack the least suspecting of individuals!

  2. looks like someone is having a little too much fun with her new computer 🙂

    sorry about the baby vampire…but now i want corn on the cob!!

  3. Ouch! A vampire bite sounds cooler…you should go with that story! 😉

    1. Now that really would have been my luck. Thank goodness it didn’t end up in my eye!

  4. OH my goodness Krystyn do we need to find you a tutorial on how to safely eat corn on the cob? 🙂

    Congrats on the new computer.

    1. For real. I’d need that along with a bunch of other tutorials; like how to walk in wedges at church without falling and banging your knee and hand.

  5. Ouch! We never had those when I was a kid so my hubs introduced them to me and honestly, they scare me. This does not surprise me at all. Beware the corn holders!! HA!

  6. Holy cow. What a freak accident.

    Tell me more about photobooth. Is this an editing program?

    1. Photobooth is just a piece of software on a mac. Basically, you can take pictures with silly options (like the square with four colors that looks like the Beatles album) b&w and more. It comes standard on mac’s.

  7. Omg, funny. But not, well a little tee hee. *healing thoughts*

  8. OUCH!!! Who knew eating your veggies would be so dangerous!? Glad you are okay!

    1. Maybe I should just start using a spoon! I guess that’s why they only use spoons at the girls’ school.

  9. First of all-YAY for a new computer! Second, OUCH – thanks for the warning about vicious corn!!

  10. Girl, it is time to buckle down and get yourself messy with the corn eatin. Baby vampires are not to be effed with.

  11. Now thats freaky. Really sorry, but I am kinda giggling trying to figure out exactly how you did that? Are you sure we arent related? Sounds like something one of us would do! LOL

    1. Trust me…I’m fully capable! I fell down at church yesterday walking…just walking.

    1. I’m just that lucky! I’ve actually had worse things attack.

  12. Those things should come with a warning label!!

    1. Everything else does, you are right, these should too (although I’m not sure if it didn’t have one!)

  13. Mr Serious says:

    Even the kids were able to eat the corn without puncture wounds….just sayin’

    1. Thanks! And, for the most part, the computer is much nicer to me!

  14. Hmm, corn holders are one thing I have never bought, but I still want some, and it’s good to be aware of the er….dangers involved.

    1. Yes, it might be best to stick with what you are doing:)

  15. Grammy Staffy says:

    I am so sorry dear Krystyn that that baby vampire bit you. Who would guess that you had an evil corn cob holder???? I may never use one of those again.

    1. No kidding. The very next day, one jumped off the table and stabbed me in the foot (and it wasn’t even mine!)

  16. Yikes! Who knew eating corn could be so dangerous!?

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