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We drive by the neighborhood pool every day. At least twice.

Therefore, I am asked at least twice when the pool will open. In May girls.

Well, of course, here it is May, and of course it isn’t open because it doesn’t open until the end of May. 

Then, I went and got them swimsuits. Adorable swimsuits with sun protection built in. And, it was over. These girls forget nothing. They remembered the kiddie pool in the garage and put in an after lunch request. Another day without a nap? Sure, why not.

When you see the joy they had jumping in and smacking themselves on the bottom? Pretty much ruled anything else (and I’m quite tired of fighting at nap time, anyways).

Baby pool still satisfies.

The swimsuits are super bright and the girls loved them. Best of all, they were only $8 and $10! That’s better than I’ve seen anywhere else. (Yes, E got one, too, but that water was cold and I think she preferred her nap to cold water splashes from her big sisters!)

They are from The Children’s Place. They had so many new fun and bright colors. And, they coordinated from newborn all the way to girls (seriously, how do I have to shop in THREE different departments now?). The clothes had embellishments like foils and sequins and even metallic sandals. The best part was frugal me didn’t feel like anything was overpriced. Shorts for $5, pants for $10, shoes for $10. I couldn’t beat that. 

The Children's Place Review  The Children's Place Review

I can’t believe I haven’t shopped here, but after seeing the looks on my girls faces when they got new clothes and their new swimsuits, I know we’ll be back! I can’t wait to see what they have for back to school.

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*I attended the #placepoolparty to learn about the summer line and was provided a gift card to The Children’s Place to thank me for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. LOL, such a small amount of water and they look SO happy! Gotta love the kids’ enthusiasm.

  2. The Children’s Place is still one of my favorites. One of the only places I can still get matching boy/girl clothes for my twins 🙂

    Your girls look like they loved the pool 🙂

    1. I was surprised I could find clothes for all of my girls in one store:)

  3. The Children’s Place is awesome. I always find great deals in the store and online. Definitly one of my top stores for Little Miss.

  4. Oh I LOVE shopping at Children’s Place. I get their emails…. it’s bad for me. Bad.

    And love the photo… so much joy. 🙂

    1. I’m getting the emails now, too…and quickly deleting them…too much trouble for us, too!

  5. Funny how they never forget anything, isn’t it? 😉 LOVE their new suits – and I love The Children’s Place clothes, especially for Princess Nagger. 🙂

    1. Seriously..but, then they forget where the put their cup 0.2 seconds ago…

  6. Oh my goodness, we had the same situation in our house and had to break out the backyard pool last weekend. They still ask when the neighborhood pool opens

  7. mrs. hils says:

    Just wait until they have their “Monster Sale”. You won’t believe the bargains!

    1. I didn’t either. I should have known because my mom buys the girls stuff from there and she’s cheap, too:)

  8. Yeah, Children’s Place is usually my go-to for new clothes. We sign up for birthday coupons and we get other emails on sales and such. I love the clearance racks (I’m a clearance rack shopper most of the time) and the girls always love whatever we get from there.

    1. I had no idea they had such good deals..but I never go to the mall. I have a feeling it will be the emails that get me!

  9. Oh how fun! I can’t wait for swimsuit weather! Well, not for me personally, but you catch my drift. 😉

    1. Yeah, I really can’t wait for swimsuit weather…for the girls:)

  10. So cute!! We love The Children’s Place AND water fun! 🙂

  11. How can you have girls and never have shopped at Children’s Place?? Only kidding a little here. I shop there (mostly online) literally every couple months to get basics for my kids as well as Easter dresses and polos for the boys.

    Love the pic of them in the pool — so cute and retro loooking.

    1. I’m not a very good shopper…I don’t like the mall! And, my mom loves to shop and get good deals, so I let her:)

      The retro effect is from Instagram…it’s a really cool app on my phone:)

  12. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love children’s place! Your girls are adorable thanks for sharing this moment!

  13. I need to get a Rashguard for Red. These little redheads will burn so quickly, even with sunscreen! I’ll check out my local children’s place!

    1. They had more options for the boys, it seemed! Hopefully you can find one. $10 for a suit with a rash guard is awesome.

  14. diana lobban says:


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