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Mr. Serious and I have recently made a life change. A life-style change.

Hold.Me. It’s a little scary.

We read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and we are on board.

We are fortunate that we do not have a lot of debt, but we still want things to change.

Tuesday, after the endoscopy, we sat down and made our October budget. Every penny has to be accounted for. We’ve never done this before.

After the budget was completed and tons of erasures were made (thank goodness we had the foresight to use pencil), we did something drastic:

cut up credit cards

In fact, we never had any outstanding credit card debt. It has always been paid off every month.

But, that’s part of the plan. Not using tomorrow’s money today. Using only what you have. Keeping ourselves accountable.

I promise I won’t be boring my internets with all of the details, but maybe an update here or there won’t hurt, right? I’m sure you all will be wanting to know how my Tar-jay trips will go without my trusty Discover card in hand!

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  1. Good for you guys! I think it'll be fun to hear how the life change is going.

    Now if only I had the courage to do the same to my own…

  2. I stopped using credit cards 2 1/2 years ago and have never looked back! It was the best financial move I've ever made in my life.

  3. At least you guys were smart about it. I have credit card debt coming out my hoo-hoo.

  4. That is a ton of credit cards, it must have been fun cutting them up (though the shredder would have been a little more fun, ours does that…)

    It's a huge step. We don't have any debt minus our mortage but keeping ourselves responsible for the future is key.

    (not boring us at all BTW)

  5. Good for you guys! We should do a budget.. it's just too depressing so we always procrastinate about that:(

  6. We have LOTS of debt, but we are on board…not charging anymore & making plans to pay it off. We own both cars & won't be buying a new one soon–this is a 1st in our 12 years of marriage.

    Our budget was REALLY tight when hubby lost his job, but we have a tiny bit of breathing room now.

    Keep updating us!!! I know so many people who have become debt free…..I hope one day I can say that!!

  7. Legally Fabulous says:

    Wow! Good for you! I really need to do that. Someday…
    Keep us updated on how it's going!

  8. That's really awesome. Might I ask, are you moving to an 'all cash' system? As in no debit card??

    I'm trying to cut back on all expenses… mostly because I'm broke and MUST make a lifestyle change but also because I want to.

  9. While I still have a credit card in my wallet it is only used for groceries. Everything else I pay for in cash. It really works to help you stay with in a budget!

  10. we do cash only to. It is a pain in the cheeks(and not the upper ones) but we do it.

    I will say, we are debt free and it is the most amazing feeling in the world. We are even to the point of being able to put money up and actually save it!

    Good Luck!

  11. OMG!!! I almost had a heart attack just looking at that picture… I'm not there yet… I can refrain from using them… but I don't think I am ready to give them up just yet… but good job to the two of you! I def want to hear about the updates!!!

  12. Go!!!
    We did a class on financial planning b/f we were married and have been working since on paying off the debt we'd accumulated. I pretty much have every dollar for the coming six months acounted for. It is a little scary at first, but liberating too!

  13. Good for you guys! Dave Ramsey is a genius. We've read his books and then paid off all our debt. No outstanding credit card debt for us! Yay!

    And we're hardcore with savings now. So we've had to make changes. There is more I could cut back on but I'm too fond of Target and Baby Gap right now…

  14. Good for you! We've been Dave Ramsey-in' it for about 2 months now! It's so exciting once things really get moving… best of luck!

  15. I think I would have cried! lol
    Luckily I am down to VERY little debt, and decided to get rid of all my credit cards too! No Dave Ramsey for me, but I totally agree!
    Best of luck to you guys! Not boring at all to us!! We need motivation too!!

  16. FAINT!!
    i can't wait to read about this!

  17. Congrats! That IS quite a lifestyle change. I can't wait to hear how it comes along. Good luck!!!

  18. omg, I broke out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of chopping up my plastic!
    Good luck…I know y'all can do it. If anyone can, it's you and the hubs.
    Keep us posted on how it goes…

  19. Brave people 🙂 Good luck with your new adventure. I really need to do the same.

  20. I need to do the SAME thing! One of my besties just completed her 18 months-to-debt-free plan and she and her hubby are so happy! You go girl!

  21. Good for you! More of us need to do this. I can't believe you didn't keep even one. Even though we are not seriously in debt I may need to look into this Dave Ramsey thing…

  22. YAY YOU! AND Mr. Serious!!! That's awesome! New hubby and I did the same thing right before we got married, and we got it down from over 20 credit cards to 1, but who can marry a bass guitar player and NOT have a Guitar Center credit card for those emergency Music Man Stingray Double Humbucker basses with the solid rosewood neck? (BTW, how impressive is it that I actually know what all that means, and I only play the piano?!?)

  23. WOW – that is a lot of credit cards LOL!

    Good for you. Budgets are really hard. When M and I met he was all about budgets and I had never had one. When we got married I agreed to follow his financial rules. They are:
    1) only investments can go on credit.
    2) No loans or car payments – ever!
    3) If you don't have the cash, you don't buy it.
    4) Save at least 30% of your monthly income, try to save 50% (which we do most months).

    It's been hard but it's also been great. With our plan we have a lot of security. It's nice!

    It's not nice when you see your friends buying whatever they want sometimes though!

    Good luck – update lots 🙂

  24. GOOD for you!! We are doing the same thing. My husband is retiring from the Army in two years….the last 18 years went really fast and we need to be in better shape before he gets out, especially he wants to become a hermit and live in the mountains!!

  25. Congrats! I know it must seem scary now but I'm sure in the future you will be so happy you did this. I don't have any credit cards yet and I'm not looking forward to having one. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog! I appreciate it : )

  26. Good luck! I have read this and it is a great program. We did it for about two months but I really was bad at recording things. My old made up system habit was just too hard to break.

  27. Congrats! I am still not done with the book but have already made some changes! I am still real concerned with the savings account thing…but I am going to do it! Do you think you and Matt could help me with making my budget? The cash pat is what I am concerned with. I am going to order the other book to help me, too!

  28. Good for you! That is a great book and great life change- good for you not having any debt. Do you have your house paid off too? That would be fantastic!

  29. Good for you! My husband and I just started reading Dave Ramsey's book last week and are getting ready to start our new budget in October! It's scary, but hopefully will be helpful.
    Good luck to you!!!

  30. awesome job! I need to read the book!! and my new goal is to pay the cc off every month and only keep one for emergencies and online purchases 🙂 but even then try to use paypal. Or just not buy anything, that would be a better option, right? But awesome job!

  31. Awesome! If anyone can do it, it is you and Matt. We haven't done Dave Ramsey, but are trying to follow a budget. It is so hard especially as the unexpected arise….Keep us updated. I just can't go to Target or Gap..if I do, I have blown the budget. 🙂

  32. Good for you guys! That is awesome and I think you will love the freedom actually that living this way gives you! 🙂

  33. Great for you!
    I had to do this last year to my target card. it was getting a little out of hand.

  34. Very smart!
    We have one credit card for emergencies, but we don't have any balance on it. Other than that, no credit cards for us either.

  35. Good for you! This is going to make a big difference to the amount you end up with down the road.


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