Gone…just like that

The craving for a margarita, that is. Out comes the baby, and gone is the craving.

I’m so sad, too. I really wanted one. But now, not so much. Hubby even offered to buy everything to make it, and I said no. Can you believe it?

I’m hoping it comes back pronto. In fact, I know it will. It has to before Mrs. Newlywed and I get together.

Funny side story about margaritas. When I was very newly pregnant (I didn’t even know I was yet) with #1, we went out for Mexican. I almost ordered a margarita, but than said “well, what if this is the month?” And didn’t order one. Just a couple days later, we found out we were pregnant. And so, the weird pregnancy craving began!
And, after Holly told me how easy it was to switch to Google Reader from Bloglines, I’ve made the switch. So, between changing feed readers and a baby, I’ve missed a lot of you. I hope you forgive me. And, I’ll try to be around a little more!

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  1. I didn’t really have cravings with my son but with my daughter peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. God I could have lived on those.

  2. Of course you are forgiven. I was in Atlanta Saturday and I sooo thought of you.

  3. I have been thinking of you and the new baby! Hope all is well. Im so jealous that you and Mrs. Newlywed are getting together….

    Welcome back!

  4. Apology NOT accepted! Stop thinking of yourself and start thinking of others (or at least me!)

    I love the nice trippy buzz from margaritas.

  5. Google reader is the best!!

    The craving will return and you’ll be able to actually indulge yourself! Yippee 😉

  6. No….it can’t be gone!! I know how much you wanted one….I’m hoping it returns for you 🙂

    Cute story on Izzy and the margarita…

    And don’t even worry about being around more! You have your hands full, hon–we understand!

  7. Did I remind you about this when I emailed you earlier today? 🙂 Hopefully the craving will come back soon. Until then, I shall drink one (or two or three) for you!

  8. Mrs de Miranda says:

    that is funny how the craving is gone! But im sure that it will be back one day when you are least expecting it!! I like the pictures of everyone on your side bar! So cute!!

  9. Ha, my girls are 9 and 13 and I am still having pregnancy cravings. 🙂

  10. I didn’t have any real cravings with my boys, but an ocassional drink always sounded good. Of course! You always want what you can’t have. 😉

  11. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    My OB was very laid back & told me if I wanted a drink to go for it. Anything in moderation was his mantra. And, I hope you like Google Reader.

  12. I was the same way with fish sandwiches….I wanted them so bad when I was pregnant, but I knew that I shouldn’t eat them all day, every day….then after Cheney was born…they make me sick just to think about them!! Funny how that works!!

  13. You have a new baby, so of course you are forgiven everything!

    Sorry the margarita craving is gone. So weird the way that works.

  14. I am glad to hear from you…I marvel that you have time to post with a brand new baby.

    How is Izzy doing with the new little sister?

    How are you doing?

    You all are in my thoughts.
    Love, Lura

  15. I couldn’t drink either after both the kids but that changed as they got older 🙂


  17. I wonder if it’s the salty taste that you were craving. When I was pregnant, I craved and ate radishes with TONS of salt on them. Weird I know.

    N is adorable!

  18. I use bloglines. Do you like google better?

  19. Now you have me craving for some sweet smelling baby hair…

    Don’t forget to update your ‘about me’ (unless you expect another little sweetheart to arrive this month 😉


  20. I am still making you a KICK ASS ‘rita when I come! And I know it will be so good that you will drink it!!!!

  21. first of all the last thing you should be worried about is coming around visiting…you kinda have better things to do 🙂

    as for the prego cravings…i wanted beer the whole time beans was in the belly. i don’t even like beer. but the minute she was out the beer craving went right out the window?

    soo weird isn’t it?

  22. there is a google blogger?? ,y bloglines doesnt seem to be working lately.. I dont get anything and then on one day 20 will show up… I just saw this post (made on Monday) today (Wed)! frustrating…

    Sorry your craving went away! maybe you just need to see one 🙂

  23. That is hilarious! Because I too remember really craving margaritas, and after I gave birth, the urge was gone. Strange!

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