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sunridge farms

Earth Day is coming up soon. On Earth Day, (okay and any other day), do you consider the source for your snacks? And how that company takes care of the environment?

Well, look no further. SunRidge Farms, a California-based company, is best known for its large offering of natural and organic foods, snacks, confections, and trail mixes. This year, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary with the completion of a new solar panel expansion. The expanded solar panel system will supply 35-40 percent of the company’s energy needs. In addition, the solar panel system will keep an estimated 1.3-million pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere each year. That’s the equivalent of planting 1,800 acres of trees.

In addition, this year the company celebrates 30 years of green practices, including the following:

  • Offering a bike-to-work program that pays employees $5 a day to bike to and from work.
  • Using biodiesel delivery trucks and hybrid cars for its sales team.
  • Providing staff with a 24 hour work and recreation center with state of the art equipment, onsite yoga classes, recycling education classes, and more.
  • Installing full spectrum lighting in office workspaces, low voltage/low energy lighting in the warehouses, and optimal, clean, filtered air system for its staff.
  • Installing low-flow water-saving devices and making use of recycling programs throughout its facilities.
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Also, on this 30th anniversary, they are celebrating 30 years of their Organic Deluxe Trail Mix. It is USDA-certified organic with organic dried apricots, roasted peanuts, raw almonds, dried apples, walnuts, date pieces, sunflower seeds and raisins. It’s a tasty and nutritious mix that contains fiber, iron and other nutrients.

The Organic Supreme Almonds are raw and good for any use; cooking, snacking and more. You can’t go wrong with a nutritious almond.

The Hit the Trail Mix is made from a mix of organic roasted tamari almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, raisins, peanuts and my favorite, pumpkin seeds.

sunridge farms review sunridge farms review

The Milk Chocolate Earth Balls were a family favorite. They are wrapped separately in little Earth-themed foils. Solid balls of chocolate. They are made with premium cane-sweetened all natural milk chocolate. The girls really liked them. The oldest said “these chocolate balls are really yummy and they look like little globes!” Quite the hit.

sunridge farms review

Make sure you check out SunRidge Farms for healthy snacking from an Earth-conscious company.

*I received samples to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Love pumpkin seeds too! And we are always looking for a good mix!

  2. All of that looks super yummy! You know I love to snack…I will have to check out their stuff.

  3. mrs. hils says:

    I wanna work there!

  4. Great review. Thank you!

  5. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh my…I LOVE thos Earth Milk Chocolate Balls! Carter is two and he of course, loves chocolate…but is also in love with the Earth! I love that they are made with natural chocolate! How neat!

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