How a free toothbrush cost me $300.


If you follow me on twitter, you know that we’ve been having toilet issues.  And, apparently, now is a good time to be a plumber, because ours was booked up for days.

Our downstairs toilet, the main one used during the day, was pretty much out of commission.  Flush, spin, fill up, gurgle, and wait.  And then, nothing.  A toilet full of water, and well, use your imagination…it’s a toilet after all.

Last Friday, our knight in shining porcelain came to the rescue.   (We had already tried everything we could think of).  He ran a snake through it and concluded that it wasn’t clogged.

Then, he flushed it.  And well, spin, fill up, gurgle, and wait.  And then, nothing.

He then asked if he should take it off and see if he can get into it from the other side.  Um, yes, please, we can’t have a non-working toilet on our main floor.

So, off it came.  And, he snaked it, and still came up empty handed.

toilet...upside down and removed.

Did anybody notice there are THREE plungers in this picture?  Like you can use three at one time?  Seriously?

Then, he got out a little handy light and started looking in the back of it.  “Hmmm…I see something that looks like bristles…and purple…and plastic.  Sort of looks like a toothbrush.”

Great. “Does it sort of look like this one?” (Holding up a purple toothbrush.)

“Yes,” he says, “sure does.” 

“Where is the nearest Home Depot,” he asks. 

Because apparently, the toothbrush that went down the toilet won’t be coming back out.  So, I tell him that Home Depot is about 8 minutes away.

About 20 minutes later, he is back with a shiny new throne for our house.   And, about 30 minutes after that, it’s all installed and ready to go.

toilet...shiny and new.

Shortly after our new one is installed, Mr. Serious got home and commented to the plumber that he really liked his spoiler. 

Odd, I thought, I was pretty sure I saw him drive up in a van.

Off I go outside to check it out.



I guess that’s how one travels with a toilet. 

Want to see the toothbrush?  The culprit?  The one that cost me $300?


{Well, okay, you caught me, it’s not the exact toothbrush, because that one is still lodged in a toilet in the city dump…but it might as well be!}
And, just incase you came for pictures of cuties, instead of toilets, here’s your fix!

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  1. OMG, $300 to much money but at least have a new toilet.

  2. Holy Cow. SOOO..which one put the toothbrush in the potty?

  3. pretty sure whoever is guilty of inserting the toothbrush and costing mommy and daddy three hundred dollars just lost part of her college fund 🙂

  4. My niece used to flush plastic beads down the toilets, and bracelets, and necklaces, and Barbie combs, and Barbie heels. But those were fairly easy to snake out. Glad it's all fixed now!

  5. You get to be my new hero for having such a good and humorous attitude about this little event. 🙂

  6. Okay, who got to use it first? I've never gotten to "christen" a new toilet but always wanted to.

    But good to know about the toothbrush thing!

  7. Oh man! We've had many things go down as well luckily we never had to purchase a new toilet….yet!

  8. Damn kids. You know I'm just kidding, right? Kinda.

    LOVE your new toilet! 😉

  9. Oh, how crappy.

    Sorry. I couldn't help myself. 😉

  10. That really is a "Really, Are You Serious?" moment.

  11. Oh my gosh! We are having the exact same problem with one of our potty's! No toilet snake around can find anything stuck! We may have something like this going on also! congrats on the new potty!;)

  12. A toothbrush clean is supposed to be a good thing!

    You know….. when she's a bit older, you'll be able to tease her that her first attempt at a job was toilet scrubber.

  13. Sparkette says:

    That really stinks. I think it is hilarious that you took all those pictures though.

    Oh and thanks for the cuteness!

  14. I am pretty sure I would have been screaming my head off when I found out what the culprit was LOL.

  15. exactly the same thing happened to us with a tiny gift bottle from the body shop.
    At least you have a lovely clean and functional toilet now!

  16. So Not Fun! Yikes! Do you call that a porta potty? Your kiddos are adorable! I haven't seen pics of them yet! Too Cute! And sorry we are so late getting your prize out in the mail! It's on it's way!

  17. Wow…that's one expensive toothbrush! But how could you resist that smile? Makes it all worth it, huh? ;o)

  18. My daughter is into splashing in the toilet water right now (hooray for pulling up… except for the toilet water of course) but hasn't started putting things in there.. yet! And I can appreciate the three plungers. We were having some toilet issues and kept buy more plungers (like if you put them around the toilet in a certain order the toilet gods will fix your toilet for free).

  19. Great attitude!! I am pretty sure I would NOT be as chipper about a $300 tooth brush 🙂 But your daughter seems pretty happy in the picture with the toothbrush!

  20. Noooo LOL it is a cute story. After the fact of course!

  21. At least you found the problem right?! That sucks! I hate toilet problems, but it made for an entertaining story!

  22. OMG that stinks!! We had toilet problems recently and my Mom and I went to pick a new one out…you'd be amazed at the differences in toilets!

  23. Oh man! All over a toothbrush! That's it! No more brushing teeth. 😉

    Glad it is all fixed now. 🙂

  24. I like the comment about being crappy!

    Toilet water is just way too expensive nowdays…even if it's plain old domestic.I wish my husband were a plumber. Then, at least, his
    occupation would be useful around here.

  25. Now we know how the experts come up with those astronomical figures when adding up the cost of raising children – they must have known about toothbrushes in the toilet!

  26. Oh my! That is too funny! This sounds like something my kids would do.

  27. how funny! Now who put the toothbrush in the potty??

    Hoping you have less expensive tooth brushes in the future! 🙂

  28. What a story. I didn't know that a toothbrush could cause so much of a problem. Our toilets i n this house are 30 years old. I would like new ones. Maybe I should go to big lots and get a package of cheep toothbrushes and accidently flush one down each toilet???? Well maybe not all at the same time….but you get the idea.
    Sorry about the $300. I hope you all enjoy the new thrown.
    Hugs, Lura

  29. I have been there and done that! Only ours was a square cup with a hole in the bottom. I don't know how it got so far in the potty, but it definitely would not come out!

    Oh well, I like the new toilet better anyway.

  30. Oh my goodness! I know this was a while ago, and y’all can probably look back and laugh. (Okay, probably wince a little, too, at the cost of replacing the potty.) But this, I suppose, is life with kids. I’ve heard so many stories like this: I guess in our childhood, there were many PBJs in the VCR stories.

    1. Thanks for reminding me. I had sort of forgotten about this! My kids have also jammed DVDs into our Wii. It’s come back to life twice, but apparently that’s it because this time, nothing (and I don’t think there is anything stuck in it!)

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