I’m starting to get the hang of this two kid thing.


I have to confess, I really think I’m just now getting being a mom of two kids.

I mean, I’ve always “gotten” it and taken care of them, but I feel like I can take them both somewhere by myself and we can have a good time. 

Maybe it’s their ages and #2 not really being a baby anymore.  Or maybe it’s being able to reason and have a conversation with #1 that helps. 

But, lately, something is just meshing and it’s working.

And, I’m loving it. 

Even when my house looks like this after a snow day.


PS I’m pretty sure it’s a lot better and easier, too, after spending the whole day with them then it is getting home from work and having to rush through everything. 

PPS Just in case you were thinking it’s always rainbows and unicorns, because we all know it never is.


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  1. I used to love snow days and staying home with the boy on the weekends, staying in jammies, having the tv playing in the back ground and playing all day.. not commitments and no requirements, just old fashioned playing!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! And so far it has only gotten better. Enjoy!!

  3. It seems to me that you are doing a wonderful job with 2 girls. Last week when your battery died, I probably would have freaked out with 2 kids. But you kept right no moving. Way to go!

    it looks like they are having a good time playing too…

  4. I agree…I really think it's easier now that the little ones are toddlers instead of babies. But I do miss that snuggly baby stage a little bit! Glad y'all had a good snow day!

  5. It does get easier. I can take the boys out to a cermics class now and they love IT! I can take the two of them to the movies. We can go to a NON fast food place and actually have a decent meal. ME and just the boys!!!!! My house looks like that all the time! Great Post!

  6. Aww! They're playing together! 🙂 That's cute!! 🙂

  7. Looks like they are having a wonderful time… I am glad you can feel things falling into place.

  8. What? Everything doesn't ALWAYS smell like Roses? It does here…


  9. love seeing them play together, so cute! we can't wait to see ours running around together (and getting into mischief together we're sure=))!

  10. Definitely the age…I'm experiencing the same things. My youngest is now 18 months old and it's not so difficult to take them all somewhere. I hope the trend continues!

  11. oh charlie got N's pjs as hand-me-downs…I can't (ok, a little bit) wait for her to be able to fit into them!

    Loved catching up with your blog

  12. That is a lovely post. So nice when it all settles in like that.

  13. My house looks like that without a snow day! 🙂 Don't worry I still haven't gotten used to two kids yet!

  14. i sure do get happy when the gifts I've gotten B&S; are front and center in pictures! It makes me feel like a little piece of Auntie Em is there.

  15. Being a mommy is the best and when your kids are having a great time is much better.

    Have a nice week.

  16. YAY! So glad that you feel like life is in harmony! Isn't that truly the best of feelings!

    And excuse me but did you say snow day? In ATL? Really?

  17. u r awesome.

    and my house looks like that every day. not just snow days 🙂

  18. I couldn't agree more…I felt that way too when Cassidy was Nat's age. Now, I'm back to square one in a few months.

    Luke saw the picture and said I want to see more of Izzy's house and go play with her 🙂

  19. Mr. Serious says:

    Hey we just got a bunch of rainbows in the Lucky Charms. That counts right?
    You are a rockin' Mom!

  20. I'm glad to hear it gets easier. I'll sit here patiently waiting for those days! Being able to reason with my 3 year old? Sounds like a myth to me from over here. :OP

  21. there are times that I feel like I have it all under control….and then five minutes later I feel like a mess. 2 kids or 3 – doesn't really make a difference!

    happy snow day!

  22. i think it is their ages because caroline and bug are really fun lately too. they are playing together well. they are entertaining each other and it is awesome.

  23. So what I'm hearing is that sometime next March or April or later that I will get the hang of having 2 of them? Haha! 🙂 They are at pretty good ages. I'm ready to pop this one out. Two more weeks and I can try!

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