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Creativity is an interesting beast. It can strike you at the most inopportune times and it can be in hibernation when you need it most. Murphy’s Law, right? Need a new idea? Stumped instantly. Having a group session? Mind goes blank!

I had the pleasure of getting my creative juices inspired and flowing at a session with Lee Kitchen from Disney’s Creative Team at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. And since I’m nothing but generous, I thought I would pass along some of his tips for getting creative.

Creativity Session with Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

After all, it was just a “what if” session…what if we could link up tickets with room keys with credit cards on a special band? What if this band was fun and customizable? What if it meant touching Mickey to Mickey?…that birthed the idea of the Magic Bands!

magic bands

Lee had a “toy box” that we used to get our creativity going. First up was the Energizer to get us warmed up, silly and in a fun place.


We broke up into groups of three people (but you could definitely do it with more or less, via google hangout, or even a phone call!), where each person was person A, B or C. To start, person A was assigned a new job, and persons B and C had to quiz them and ask them questions about their new job for 2-3 minutes (he had a timer going, but I forgot for how long). Basically, A was selling and B and C were buying, but wanted to get a good deal. Then, we rotated, were B had a new and different job and A and C were asking questions. And finally, C had a job and A and B were asking the questions.

Now, what were these new jobs? A started out as a Expert Unicorn Therapist. Yes. Therapy for Unicorns. It’s a thing, you know. They need therapy for all of those expectations of hanging out with rainbows!

Then we rotated, and I was an Expert in Elephants Jumping Off Planes. Right. Let that one settle in and just imagine the questions you would get. How do you get them off the planes? Do you use a parachute? Is it tandem jump?

Our final person was an Expert in Selling Invisible Wall Paper. You know the kind. It looks so very nice up on the walls! And you can display it so proudly.

And main person has to answer all of these questions to the best of their “knowledge.” Basically, you get your BS meter and set it to overdrive and that’s where you end up. It’s no doubt a hilarious and fun time and really stimulates the part of your brain that you probably aren’t always probing.

The Energizer would be great for a group session at work, or friends trying to inspire new ideas. It’s basically something to get your mind thinking and ideas brewing.

There was so much more in that session that I’ve decided to break this up into parts!

What’s a “new job” that would inspire your creativity?

Inspire creativity with Disney

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  1. pat chance says:

    I may not come up with new creative jobs every day but in my line of work I definitely think of new ways to do things. I love it when engineers ask me how to do things.

  2. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I am always looking for new ideas.

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