It's a random kind of day


– #2 has her eye surgery this (Tuesday) morning (for her clogged tear ducts).  Please keep us in your prayers.  It was quick and easy with #1, almost 3 years ago, exactly.  Here’s hoping for the same.

#2 in her hat

– Mr. Serious and I both had our 5 year anniversary at work this year.  I got a marble paper weight with my name on it.  He got to go to a website and pick out an award (with choices like Fossil watches, blenders and purses).  He chose a golf bag.  He has a golf bag.  He doesn’t even really golf.

– While golfing in Houston, the sole fell off of his golf shoes.  Fortunately, the in-laws live on the course, so when they came by that hole, we gave him his tennis shoes.  Too bad they didn’t have golf shoes on the award website.  Then again, he might start golfing more.

– #1 calls hand sanitizer "sanditizer" and no matter how many times we break it down, the two sound the same to her.

– She is starting dance classes in August.  She couldn’t be more excited.  She’s been looking forward to it since the beginning of the summer.  I’m also pretty excited, too.

Dancing Machine

– Some crazy, hybrid ant-thing bit/stung my arm in Houston.  Like immediate fire (not a normal fire ant with a white spot in the middle).  Just a huge, penny-sized, bright red welt on my arm.  It’s still visible TWO WEEKS later.

– We went to the girls’ school (aka daycare) this weekend for their open house.  They reminded us that #2 needs to be done with the paci.  The goal is Friday.  It’s going to be tough with this one.  I’m contemplating the paci fairy (like with #1) or just cutting the end off of it and "breaking" it.   Suggestions?  Hints?  Advice?

– #2 ends every sentence with "mama."  Think she’s been around me too much?  She even does it with daddy.  "More juice, mama."  "Night, night, mama."  "Bath, mama."  I secretly love it.  Well, except when she randomly screams "mama" at the top of her lungs!

– I go back to work next week.  That’s just craziness.  It’s pretty much the shortest summer ever.

– We bought generic Zyrtec (like we always do), but I think this is a bad batch.  My sinuses are killing me and I’ve been sneezing like crazy!

-My MRI of my head came back normal.  Stop laughing.  So, I’m now going to the chiropractor.  It’s heaven.  Not only does it make my neck and head feel better, but it’s almost like getting a massage and a little date to myself all rolled into one.  And, the hand tingling has pretty much disappeared.

– It is damn-near impossible to get a picture of 3 kids 3 and under.  Evidence?  Got it.

How to take a picture with three kids under three.. FAIL.


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  1. Haha LOVE the picture (and the notes on it :). Your random day sounds pretty fun!

  2. Love the evidence of third child who disappeared! So funny. I’ll be thinking of your little girl when she goes for her surgery. Good Luck, I know she’ll do amazing. Hugs and happy thoughts!

  3. Praying for Miss N! Love how she says mama after each sentence, too! With the exception of screaming in the car 😉

    And your stinging story reminds me of the time I got stung inside of Lowe’s by some weird bug. It hurt–but Leo thought it was hysterical.

  4. surgery is tomorrow? honey i swear it was a month away! this summer is flying!!

    and going back to school in a week? i still don’t believe it…

    miss u!

  5. I’ll be praying for Nat’s surgery tomorrow. I just know it will go well though!

    I can’t believe you’re due back to work next week.That’s so not fair!

    I wish I could remember which blog just went through the whole paci withdrawal thing. Dang it!!! IT worked for them too…..if I think of it, I’ll tell you.

  6. love the randomnes…
    love the picture missing the third child..
    and i will certainly be praying for Ms N!

  7. -I stressed (like lost sleep and all) about taking the paci away. He had it until he was 3 (gasp)! One day I decided it as enough and we got them all and drove them to a friends that was having a baby. Literally he asked for it for like 2 freaking nights at bedtime and never again. Hope its as easy with Nat!
    -I cant believe you still have the bug bite! (I saw it people, she isnt lying! lol)
    -So glad you signed Iz up for dance!! Cant wait to see those pics!!
    -Most importantly, lots of prayers for Nats surgery. I know she will do great!!

    P.S. I heart random posts!

  8. Love all the random tidbits of your life! Glad that the chiropractor is providing some relief!

    Will definitely keep N in my prayers.

  9. That picture is adorable…what a silly girl.

    So, now I know why my husband is always going to the chiropractor. Matter of fact, he has an appointment tomorrow morning. I am totally catching on…thanks!

  10. A ton going on…

    – Good luck today with the surgery….surgery is surgery and scary
    – Paci fairy and cut off the ends…
    – I’m sad we never got together while you were on break..
    – I believe in teh chiropractor and physical therapy…if only I would excersize more to reduce the need for both of those practices
    – My date with myself each month is when I get my eyebrows waxed, I usually get a 10 minute chair massage which is just a little piece of heaven and it usually loosens up my shoulder tension and reduces my headaches.
    – Enjoy your last week!!!

  11. Great to read up on how things are going with you. I’ll be praying for your sweetheart! You have such gorgeous girls. I just love their hair! (especially Iz’s curls) She is adoradble in that little dress!

  12. Grammy Staffy says:

    I will keep N in my prayers. I hope all goes well with the eye surgery. I am sorry that you got a bite that is still bothering you 2 weeks later. I do that too. I got a bee sting on my face that was a big red blistery welt for over 2 weeks. John gets stung and it is better the next day. Go figure??? I hope both your bite and sinus problems are better soon. You are starting back to school already???? That is too short. Are you on year round? We never started back before the end of August.
    I am sending hugs, Lura

  13. My mom bribed me with a cool plastic chair to stop sucking my thumb. It worked. I was done instantly.

    I hit my 5-year anniversary at work 9 months ago. I didn’t get anything, not even acknowledgement. I get that this year at the Christmas party, after my 6 year anniversary. Not sure we’ll get anything more than a certificate.

  14. ROTFL!! Love the missing child photo… but the girls totally make up for it with their faces and cuteness!

    Praying the surgery went well this morning for N!

  15. Hope the surgery went well!

    And the fact that a kid is COMPLETELY missing in that picture cracks me up like crazy!!

  16. I hope N’s eye will heal quickly and well.

    Happy work Anniversary 🙂

    Dancing is my favorite thing to do. It”s a perfect form of expression! So glad she is excited to go.

    HINT: Let her help you mail the paci to grandma. Then you’ll have to remind her that she sent it to grandma because she is a big girl and no longer needs it. etc etc.

    I’m glad your neck and head is feeling better and that it seems like a nice little time away all for yourself. I wish for times away by myself.

    That photo is just the cutest! 🙂



  17. Too funny – I had my 5 yr too just now and got to pick an award from a website. I chose a surround sound system. Hopefully it’s a good one!

    I’m excited for Izzy to start dance too 🙂 They make for cuuuute pictures!

  18. I hope the surgery went well!! thinking of your sweet girl. i love the attempt at a picture of two little ones. so so true!!

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