LILLEbaby CarryOn vs. TULA Toddler vs. LILLEbaby COMPLETE vs Lenny Lamb Toddler vs. LILLEbaby Essentials with VIDEO


I’ve now tested out so many carriers, I wonder what up is up; but I love my baby wearing. Here I’ve updated to compare: LILLEbaby CarryOn (the updated version, LILLEbaby CarryOn (the original), TULA Toddler, Lenny Lamb Toddler, LILLEbaby Complete and LILLEbaby Essentials. Whew.

I’ve been wearing babies for over 8 years now. Sometimes two at a time! While I don’t consider myself an expert, I feel I can safely say what I like best and give my feedback. I’ve already expressed my love for the LILLEbaby COMPLETE and compared it to the Ergo360. But, what do you do with your two or three year old that is getting too tall or too big for your COMPLETE? Previously, my mom bought me a TULA Toddler (check out my full Tula Toddler Carrier review), but when I heard that LILLEbaby was coming out with their own version of a toddler carrier, called the CarryOn, I knew it was for me!

And, I know that a lot of people will want to compare and know which carry is for them and when, so I put together some graphics and tables to help out. (And, yes, I might have bribed my three year old with candy!)

Updated 11/2016: The LILLEbaby CarryOn has been updated. This daughter is 35 months old. She weighs 27 pounds and is 37 inches tall.

TULA Toddler LILLEbaby CarryOn, Complete, Essentials, Lenny Lamb Toddler

Now with the following features. As soon as my new CarryOn arrives, I will update pictures and measurements.

Now with:
• shortened the straps with more adjustability for a closer fit
• added fabulous new prints and color options
• signature mesh panel to keep children comfortably ventilated
• Extra tall torso (20.5“) and wide, cupped seat designed to support larger children with exceptional comfort
• Two-way adjustable straps with Perfect Fit Adjusters for near-limitless fit customization
• Three comfortable, ergonomic carrying positions – front, hip, and back.
• Straps may be worn crossed or backpack style.
• 100% cotton border on the torso for added support and durability.
• soft, moldable 3D mesh for maximum air circulation and breathability
• Accommodates children 20 – 60lbs, size 2T pants and taller

Buy the newly updated CarryOn from LILLEbaby.

Thank you to A Walk in the Park Family for the below picture.

LILLEbaby CarryOn updates

Please see below for a full comparison chart of LILLEbaby CarryOn the updated version, LILLEbaby CarryOn the older version, Lenny Lamb Toddler, Tula Toddler, LILLEbaby Complete and LILLEbaby Essentials. (The waistbands of all of these carriers will and should sit even. My hips are out of alignment, hence the slight un-level on all of them the same direction.)

For reference, she is 3 years old, 39” tall and weighs 34 lbs.

LILLEbaby CarryOn vs. TULA Toddler vs. LILLEbaby COMPLETE

I will focus the most on the LILLEbaby CarryOn since it’s their newest baby in the Toddler market.

LILLEbaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier

Updated: With the new CarryOn all of this is still true. The only differences are outlined above with strap length, panel width and height. This is mostly made of cool, breathable 3D mesh with canvas structural support and generous padding around the legs. It allows for three ways to carry: front, back and hip.

LILLEbaby carryOn Toddler Carrier comparison

This is the original CarryOn.

LILLEbaby carryon front and back carry sideby side.pngThe CarryOn, I would recommend is probably best suited for a 2.5-3 year old. Of course, this depends on the height and baby weight (allowable range is 20-60lbs), but you want to make sure that the legs/knees/hips aren’t hyperextended. This would not work for our almost 20 lb 15 month old.

Because the Carry On has buckles on the bottoms of the straps, in addition to a front and back carry, you can also do a hip carry (check out the video to see how it works) for a total of three carrying positions.

two way adjustable straps on LILLEbaby.png

Also, because of the buckles with dual adjustment, you can cross the straps for narrower shoulders or a petite frame. The shoulder straps also have perfect fit adjusters at the top to make the straps shorter as well as two-way adjustments on the straps themselves. These two-way adjustable straps make it easy to get a great fit front or back carrying as well as dropping baby down to breastfeed.

perfect fit adjuster PFA LILLEbaby COMPLETE

It’s amazing that it is so comfortable to carry a toddler for any length of time, but it is. The lumbar support that comes with all LILLEbabies really is a game changer. And the padded waist band and shoulders give even more support.

The hood is include and is detachable as well as adjustable. It also has a little pocket for storing the hood and a separate pocket for keys, diapers, wipes, etc.

LILLEbaby pocket

The CarryOn Air in the 3D Mesh Fabric retails for $139.

As shown above, the LILLEbaby works for me at 5’5” as well as my husband who is 6’3”. He even had our 6 year old in this carrier at one point during the hike!

carryon with 6'3


TULA Toddler

tula toddler side by side.png

My TULA Toddler was a Christmas present and the only toddler carrier I had known to ask for. Check out my full Tula Toddler Carrier review.

The TULA toddler allows for a front and back carry, but no hip carry. And you also can’t cross the straps which are only adjustable at one spot. They do have the perfect fit adjusters at the top of the straps.

The suggested weight is 25-50 lbs. Again, I should mention that when we got it for our 18 month old, she was still too small for it (but we needed to upgrade from our Ergo we had at the time.)

The TULA toddler doesn’t have a lumbar support but does come with a detachable hood (however, I have a hard time attaching the hood with elastic bands at the top).

For me, the canvas is a little rough and not as soft on our skin. And, the fact that the straps only adjust one way makes it hard for me to get a good fit. It also makes it harder for me to drop my kiddo down to breastfeed.

This canvas version was $169 and the price goes up from there depending on the fabric.

Lenny Lamb ToddlerLenny Lamb Toddler Carrier

The Lenny Lamb Toddler Carrier is made from a woven fabric that is very soft. It comes with a hood that is not detachable and is more like a hood on a jacket. You can do a front and back carry. It also has PFAs at the tops of the straps and has two-way (which they call four-way because of the PFAs, but I’m trying to be consistent).

The panel tapers in the middle and is like a hug for your child. But, the weight limit of the Lenny Lamb toddler is the lowest I’ve seen and maxes out at 44 pounds. The waist band as padded as many others, but feels pretty thick because of the woven fabric.


LILLEbaby COMPLETE front and back carry sideby side.png

The LILLEbaby COMPLETE allows for 6 carrying positions (fetal front, front-infant, front-facing/ front-outward, front-toddler, hip back) because of the ability of the adjustable seat to be set to a narrow position. And works for newborns starting at 7 lbs. (with no infant insert needed) all the way up to a 45 lbs, so it’s perfect for carrying a baby all the way up to a toddler, thus it grows with your child.

Like the CarryOn, the straps have two-way adjustments, but they don’t have the perfect fit adjusters at the top. Because of the buckles on the straps, you can do  a hip carry as well as cross the straps on your back or front.

The COMPLETE also comes with the super comfortable lumbar support giving your back that extra hug! I difference here is that the COMPLETE has a neck support that can be folded up or down depending on the position and height of your baby. As you see here with my toddler, I have the next support up to be extra support on my back and front.

The COMPLETE also comes with a detachable and adjustable hood and the fabric depends on the fabric of your carrier. You can also get the LILLEbaby complete all-seasons with the zip-down panel for extra versatility.

As seen above, my three year old still has good support in the COMPLETE, but I prefer the CarryOn for the extra support for her and the back height. But, I love that I can use the COMPLETE for my 19 pound 15 month old (below) as well.


LILLEbaby Essentials

I’ve got a full post on the LILLEbaby Essentials if you want a further comparison and information on it. It’s a great carrier for super easy ups and even my 4 year old wants in it sometimes.

LILLEbaby Essentials

Here’s a little summary of how they work for us as well as the measurements and features. These are all from the respective websites and my measurements might vary slightly from what they had published, but I would say they were all within 0.5 inches.

Check out this video I put together going over all of the features of each, too!

This chart is updated 12/2016. Stats are 25month old, 27lbs, 37inches tall.

LILLEbaby CarryOn Tula Toddler Lenny Lamb LILLEbaby Essentials LILLEbaby Complete

The original comparison chart. I’m leaving this because I think it’s still useful.

LILLEbaby CarryOn vs. TULA Toddler vs. LILLEbaby COMPLETE

Have any questions? Feel free to comment or email me and I will do my best to help!

Buy your LILLEbaby carrier at or on


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  1. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Great review of these. My niece is expecting her first child and I will need to get her one of these. This is very helpful!

  2. I have been having trouble adjusting the LILLEBaby Carry On so that it is tight enough in back carry. Any tips? It feels like my nearly 3 year old is dragging me backwards. Front carry is really comfortable but I need back carry more for hiking. Thanks

    1. Hi Jasmin–

      Okay, a couple things. Have you looked in a mirror with the carrier on your back? Meaning checking to make sure the waist band is level and at the right position (I prefer it on my waist and no my hips). This is more comfortable for me and also allows for a deeper seat. That’s the next thing, make sure that you have a really deep seat for your little one. I like to do a couple bounces while tightening to really make sure they are in there good.

      Also, where are your little’s arms? I feel more comfortable when she puts her arms in (notice where they are in the pictures with me). She’s okay on my husband’s back with her arms out, but he’s much taller than me. I’m thinking you are probably smaller (I’m 5’5″) and don’t have an incredibly long torso. I really think this makes a big difference, too. I know sometimes they don’t want their arms in, but I just asked my daughter to give me a hug and she’s fine with them in.

      Another thing is to make sure everything is tight enough, especially the chest clip and that it’s across your chest. I often notice people have this issue when the chest clip is too loose.

      Finally, if you still feel like it’s not right, you can also criss cross the straps across your chest which will definitely pull it tighter.

      If you haven’t found it yet, please check out the Lillebaby Love facebook group. It’s a great community and you can post pictures in there, too and get tons of help!

      I hope this helps.

  3. Nicole Severino says:

    Hello! I have a 21 month old toddler 32.5 inches and 23 pounds. She loves to forward face. Out of the tula, the ergo 360 and the various lillebabies, which would you recommend?
    Thank you!!!

    1. If your toddler likes facing out, definitely the lillebaby. As far as which one, it depends on the weather. I always like the embossed, even for warm climates. The all-seasons is great for varied weather and the airflow is great for very very hot climates.

  4. I have had the beco Gemini since my little guy was about a month or so. It has been great, but he is pushing 22 lbs and over 2.5 feet tall at 8.5 months, and starting to take a toll on my back. I am looking at upgrading to a larger carrier that would work for the next year or two, but I am not sure if I should get the complete or a toddler carrier like the carry on. I love my beco, but I’m tiny and the straps are too wide for me to back carry comfortably. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Anna-
      I don’t have experience with the beco Gemini to compare, but, at 8.5 months, I don’t think your child will be ready for a CarryOn. Kids need to really be fitting well in at least a 2T pant for length before they will fit in the seat. My almost 22 month old is still to small for the CarryOn.

      I would suggest you go with the Complete. You can raise the neck/head support up and get the same panel height as the CarryOn. I have seen people have their 9-10 year olds wear the Complete as well, and get a good fit. And, adjusting the chest clip to the right height helps with the positioning of the straps for shoulders (I have very narrow shoulders). Another great thing is that you can cross the straps if you’d like.

      I think you should be able to get a good back and front carry with the Complete. Should you decide to go that route, there is a great facebook group (LILLEbaby love) where you can post pictures and we can help if you are having a hard time finding your fit.

      1. Great, thanks! The age on the carry on says 12mo+ so it made me question my decision to get the complete. He is a tall and thin guy, but not long enough for 2t quite yet. He will fit the length before his waist is wide enough, as well. Thanks for the guidelines, it is so helpful knowing the 2t size tip!

        1. Sure thing! The 12 month thing is definitely confusing. I think they had to pick an age, you know? But, I think most 12 month olds won’t fit in the CarryOn.

          I can’t wait to see what you get! The lumbar support on the Complete (and CarryOn) makes it so comfy on the back!

          1. Cool! I’m definitely going to get a complete, but now I have to pick which one of these! I kind of like that the new essentials carrier doesn’t have the adjustable seat (don’t use it on the beco anymore) but I don’t think my husband would be interested in sporting a chevron print. Which is your favorite style?

            1. My favorite favorite is the embossed. Second favorite is the complete organic.

  5. Hi, Im Yani from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I found your blog while searching for a review between Lillebaby carry on & complete.
    I’m thinking to get either one of this for my baby. She is 25month(2y1m) with 19lbs.Petite girl still. Mind to give some opinion on which lillebaby suit me?
    Thank u in advance ?

    1. Hi Yani
      Even though your daughter is 2, with her smaller size, I would definitely go with the complete. My 2 year old is a little bigger than your child and fits fine in the complete. The carryon would swallow her up.

      I hope that helps! Good luck!

  6. My toddler forever wants to be held. I live in an area that has very high tempatures; many times making it uncomfortable to carry with many carriers. In your opinion is the Lillebaby Carryon air cooler than the Toddler Tula? Any advice would be great!

    1. Yes. The CarryOn air is SOOOO much cooler than our Tula Toddler. You can actually feel air moving through it. We’ve used it on hikes at waterfalls in the summer and it makes so much of a difference!

  7. hi Krystyn,

    I need to decided between a carryon and tula toddler for my 24 lbs 2 yr old.. what would u recommend..i have do a front carry for her on a beco gemini and need to get her used to back carry. I am petite at 5.2
    Thank you for ur time

    1. Hi Ramya-

      With both the Tula Toddler and the CarryOn, you can continue to do a front carry. In fact, I still sometimes do with my now 4 year old!

      I’m not quite as short as you are, but would consider myself petite. With both the CarryOn and the Tula Toddler, I pretty much have them tightened down as much as possible. The pluses of the CarryOn are that you can cross the straps to get a tighter fit and or hip carry, there is the lumbar support and it has a bigger pocket.

      Personally, the CarryOn is more comfortable for both myself and my husband.

  8. Hi Krystyn,
    Thank you for such a good comparison review! I’m torn between buying a Lillebaby CarryOn or Complete. My toddler is 26lbs and 34″ tall. For him alone what would you suggest?

    We are trying for another (honestly it may not happen, this one was a 4 year miracle!) but if we did get lucky, i suppose the Complete would be the better model for both scenerios. Do you think Lille’s have good resale? If we bought the toddler model and later wanted to sell it, I wonder if we could sell it or if we’d get stuck.

    1. Hi Shannon-

      I’m glad you found it useful.

      I think you are right, I would go with the Complete. My 4 year old still catches a ride in our Complete because she likes to use what her sister is using instead of the CarryOn. I think at 34″ you might find that the seat is still too wide and you will have hyper-extended legs on your son.

      As far as resale value, I’ve sold one of mine at about 70% of retail and it was used, so I would say the resale value is pretty good. And, if you end up with a limited edition one, I’ve seen them go for even higher. The CarryOns also resell really well, too, so I don’t think you would be stuck there, either!

      I hope that helps. Make sure you join the Lillebaby Love group on facebook, too! It’s a very helpful group of people!

  9. Hi Krystyn,
    I was thinking about getting the Lillebaby Complete for my 5 month old but a friend told me it may be too hot for him. Is she right?

    1. Hi Lucia-

      The Lillebaby airflow is a great, strong mesh that allows air to move through it. This is what I used at Disney World in May. I also use the Lillebaby embossed in hot weather as it is an athletic wicking microfiber and really hot nearly as hot as other carriers. I find all babywearing can be a little hot at times, but these definitely help with the hot factor.

  10. Great review!

    I’m considering upgrading to a Lillebaby CarryOn from our complete for my 2.5 year old. I’ve read comments about the CarryOn being too wide for small people (the parent that is, not the kid!). But, I prefer it over the Tula for many reasons you mention. Plus, we LOVED the Lillebaby complete, so I have brand loyalty 🙂

    I’m 5″4.5 (so very similar to you!) and about a size 2-4 in clothing. I like to carry on my hips, do you think it’d be a fit based on your experience? In your photos you look like a similar narrow frame to me, so I thought you might have some idea.


    1. Hi Sarah. Glad you enjoyed it!

      So, have you tried the Tula Toddler? I feel like the waist band fit was the same (it is the same size). I you can get an embossed, I feel like that one was the best fit and I was able to feel the most secure. If you carry on your hips, I think you will be good (I’m not as tiny as you:)

      I do know that if you buy from lille (and I think amazon), they have a great return policy.

      Let me know what you decide.

  11. My son is 16 months 33in tall and 30lbs. We have the complete all seasons but it doesn’t feel as comfy anymore and I can’t get him in with the support panel up. Time to move to carry on?

    1. HI Emily

      I don’t think the carryon will work yet.

      You should be able to get him in with the panel Up. I had my 3 yo in our shoes yesterday with it up. Let’s see if we can help with that first base. you should have a lot of life left in the complete. Are you in the Facebook group LÍLLÉbaby love? Post some pictures in there and we can help out. Or you can email me using the email button at the top and we can help figure it out.

  12. Jessica Oh says:

    We want to take our family hiking in a few months and was wondering which lillebaby carryon (newer version or old one) would be recommendable. I know you say it’s best suited for 2-3 year olds however, our 5 year 42 pound daughter has never been much of a walker and know eventually she will want to be carried when her legs are tired. The older one obviously puts less of a burden financially on us but, does the newer version make up for that difference enough to justify the cost difference? If it would significantly improve our experience then I would be more likely to go ahead and purchase the newer one. What do you think?

    1. Hi Jessica-

      Honestly, yes, I do think the new one will improve your experience more. I feel like the seat is more supported especially for an older child (my almost 5 year old rides in it, too) and the carrier is a better fit for me personally. The shorter straps allow me to get a fit for my size but still works for my husband, too.

      I hope that helps. If the cost difference is too much, I think the older one will work for you. I’d try to find the embossed carryon as I feel it’s a more supportive through the kiddos bottom than the old carryon air.

  13. Catherine says:

    Thankyou for writing such wonderful reviews on such a wide range of carriers!
    I’ve used woven baby wraps with my 2 year old up till now, but at 35 inches and 24 lbs she’s getting too big for front carries so I’m looking for a carrier to do back carries. The Lillebaby complete is on sale in the UK at the moment – do you think that will that be a good size for her? I’m concerned that the Carry On might be a bit big for her.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Catherine-

      You are welcome. I suspect you are right. While some people say their little’s start fitting in the CarryOn around 36″, it really depends how long their upper leg is and for you, the CarryOn might still end up being a little too big.

      For sure the complete will work. My daughter in that first picture is weighs 27 pounds and is 37 inches tall. She didn’t start fitting in the CarryOn until around 2.5 years old.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Catherine says:

        Thank you so much! It’s such a relief to have good advice on what to buy 🙂 I shall definitely be following your blog now that I’ve found you!

  14. Hi, I am about to buy a lillebaby carrier but I am torn on whether to get the complete airflow or the carryon airflow for my daughter. She is 18 months old, weighs 25lbs and wears 18 months in pants. Do you think she would be better off in the toddler size? Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole

      With your child in 18 month clothes, you have a ways to go with the complete still working. My 3 and 5 years olds still can be worn in a complete.

      The shortest leg that generally fits in the carryon is one that fits a 2T pant, depending on femur length. My 3 year old was much closer to 3 before she fit in the carryon.

      All that to say, if I were you, I would get a complete.

      Another option would be to get the essentials which would be a good fit too.

  15. Hi Krystyn,
    I have a 21 month old son who was born very early at 26 weeks. He has been diagnosed with hypotonia and isn’t walking yet. We love to go on hikes and long walks. I am currently wearing an ergo and he hates to be rear facing. (And it’s killing my back ). He isn’t 30 pounds and 30″ tall. What would you recommend? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi Kara

      I’m thinking with your peanut you need a bigger panel than then the ergo. But you will still a want a head support.

      In my opinion, I’d go with the lillebaby complete. I don’t think a toddler carrier will work for a while for you.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you for your response. Actually is the realized I have an typo in my original post. He IS 30 pounds and 30″. Does that change your mind? Thanks again!

        1. Hi Kara. I think I read it as 30″. My girls didn’t fit in the toddler carriers until they were about 36″ and/or wearing at generous 2T pant leg. If you size up too early, you end up overextending their legs/knees.

          I would still say the Lillebaby Complete is your best bet. The panel height and width is bigger than the ergo which I think will be more comfortable for both of you. I have a comparison for the lillebaby complete to the ergo if that will help you.

          In fact, I went looking for a toddler carrier when my third daughter was too big for our Ergo. At the time, I bought a Tula Toddler. It swallowed her up and she was a big girl! She didn’t fit in it well until after 2 years old and closer to 38″ tall if my memory serves me.

          So, with my youngest, that’s when I found the Lillebaby Complete and realized how much longer it would work for us over the Ergo. My 3.5 year old is still quite comfortable in a complete….and you have more carrying options with it, too!

  16. Hi Krystyn, great post! Is there a dimension/measurement difference between the CarryOn All season versus the CarryOn Airflow? Or is the only difference the material used? I live in SoCal and use the Ergobaby original carrier for my 29 lb 34 in toddler and he’s getting too big for it. I don’t think the weather here is that hot to warrant always using the AirFlow version of the CarryOn and I also use a carrier when I travel so sometimes I am in colder climates. If I’ve been happy with the Ergobaby so far, would you recommend the CarryOn All Seasons versus the CarryOn AirFlow? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Connie.

      The CarryOn All seasons and CarryOn Airflow are both the same dimensions…so yes, just difference materials. Let me add another option. I really love my carryon embossed. It’s great for all climates.

      But, between the two, I would still vote for the CarryOn Airflow. You will dress your kiddo for the climate so, I’m a bigger fan of the airflow. However, the All-seasons is the most popular, and a lot of people like the that fold down panel.

      So, I’m clear as mud, right? My order of my favorites: carryon embossed, carryon airflow, carryon all-seasons.

      1. Nope. Makes sense to me. Is the embossed version just a pattern difference or is there something about the material that makes it stand out to you? What makes the embossed your favorite?

        1. Hi Connie. It’s actually a different material. I like that it’s super soft on both mom and baby side and it’s made from a wicking microfiber so it will pull the moisture away if there is any sweating. My husband prefers it, too.

          1. Gotcha, makes sense. I think right now they have the CarryOn AirFlow in Blue/Aqua for $105 and the embossed for $170. Do you think in your opinion, all other things being equal, that the special wicking material on the embossed is worth an extra $65? Thanks again for your responses, you are awesome!

            1. Hard questions this morning:) That’s a hard one. I’m so frugal, I don’t know that I would spend the extra $65 on embossed. The CarryOn Airflow is really nice, too, so I don’t think you will be disappointed!

              1. Sweet! I’m frugal as well so I overthink everything. You’ve been so helpful today, thanks a bunch!

                1. You are very welcome! Come back and tell me what you think once you get it!

  17. Thank you for posting this comprehensive review on the carriers. I’m currently looking to get something new for my 18 month old who is long and lean… She’s a pretty petite girl at 18 months only weighing in at 21 pounds. I currently use an ergo and I can tell that it’s just not perfect for her anymore. I would like something that fits her currently but also something that she can continue to grow into. What would your recommendation be?I was considering the toddler Tula and the toddler Beco, but after reading all of your lillebaby stuff I’m thinking about that. I guess I’m just having a tough time trying to determine which of those would be better… It seems they have variety, but when I’m looking at them they look so similar.

    1. Hi Bianca

      With a petite child, I wouldn’t recommend a toddler carrier. The daughter in these pictures didn’t really fit in toddler carriers until 3. And she fit just as well in the Lillebaby complete.

      I think you will be happiest with a Lillebaby complete because of the options as well as the longevity of its use for you.

      I felt like the ergo was no longer right for us with my third daughter growing and jumped to a toddler carrier and it was huge on her (and she was far from petite).

      Lillebaby is great and I think it will be what you need.

  18. Thank you SO much for posting this extensive comparison!! I love the pictures and the charts you’ve created. Great job and this has been most helpful!

    1. You are very welcome. It was a labor of love, but I know when I go looking to buy things I want as much information as possible in one place! Glad you found it helpful.

  19. Thank you so much for the in-depth comparisons! They’re so helpful 🙂 My son is 15 months old and I have the Lillebaby Complete. I don’t use it that often because he never seems comfortable. I feel like I am doing something wrong. Can toddlers be worn on the front–forward or inward? Or is there only one position that is recommended to support their hips and legs ergonomically?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ko-

      Toddlers can sometimes be stinkers…especially if they are already walking and wanting to explore. That could be part of it.

      You can definitely use the wide seat and face your toddler in towards you. In fact, I never faced my toddler facing out. You can also take advantage of a back carry. Again, making sure you have the seat set to wide.

      If you haven’t already, check out the Lillebaby Love facebook group and you can post a “fit check” picture and get some more suggestions. I bet you will find a happy place for both of you.

  20. Hello. We have ergo original and it seems too small for toddler 1.5 y.o. (slim and tall boy). From your article I understand that Lillebaby complete should fit well, but it has the same weight range (up to 45lb) like Ergo original… Lillebaby Complete still will fit better?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Anna- Of course every child is different…but if your son is leggy, I think the lillebaby complete will fit better because the seat is wider. From what I recall, the lillebaby panel is also taller, too. But, yes, the weight range is the same. And while 45lbs doesn’t seem like a lot, it took our youngest 5 years to get to 45lbs!

      Hope this helps!

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