5 things you need to have for a fabulous treat-making party


It’s kind of becoming a tradition that our kids get together with friends to make treats for neighbors, teachers, friends and our coworkers. They have a great time doing it, and maybe only eat a little of the candy in the process. The adults have a great time, too socializing and supervising a little.

How to have a treat making party with friends

There are a couple necessary things to making sure you have a great treat making party with friends and I’d wager to say they are all pretty much required.


1. Friends

It’s so important to have good friends that can come over and help make the work lighter and more fun. We were able to knock out a ton of treats in much less time because we had so many people helping with the treat making process. We are so thankful to have @Redheadbabymama and @JaMonkey and families close by!

How to have a treat making party with friends

2. Treat recipes and ingredients

Before our planned treat making day, we made sure we knew which treats we were going to make and that we had all of the necessary ingredients. We went with the Rolo turtles just like last year, but this time mixed it up and used some peanut butter cups and kisses. (Pro tip: Stick with the Rolos. They were the best.)

How to have a treat making party with friends

We mixed it up and also decided to make some super easy and yummy pretzel treats. The 8 year old did a great job dipping and the 4 year olds were excellent with the sprinkles. (Maybe I should add a 2b here that you need to be prepared for messes and sprinkle everywhere, because that will happen.)

How to have a treat making party with friends


3. Music

Music was setting the tone for everybody. There was dancing and singing along with Christmas music. The music was coming from a very unlikely source with a ton of volume and power. I purchased Anker’s SOUNDCORE MINI, an incredible mini Bluetooth Speakers from Amazon, but you can also purchase it on Walmart.com. It is 5W with 15-Hour Playtime, super-portable wireless speaker with 66-foot Bluetooth range, FM radio, and enhanced bass.

anker soundcore mini

That music was bumping and the kids loved it. And, I admit, it really got me into the Christmas spirit, too.

4. Power

When you get a couple moms together, who also happen to be social media influencers, there is going to be a need for power. All of the power. Phone batteries have come a long way, but so has our need to record everything with pictures and video. Not to mention our need to share everything on social media. So, we were able to use Anker’s POWERCORE 20000 with Quick Charge 3.0 backup charger. It charges up to 4x faster than standard chargers, and is able to charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 minutes.

We had a need for power and Anker was able to rescue us without any of our devices dying. These are now also available at Walmart.

How to have a treat making party with friends

Anker is not only an electronics brand, but a lifestyle brand. Their products allow us to be free outlets and mobile and live life differently. These two products have been great and they hope that Anker will become the next core brand for many Americans as they see how Anker will Power Their Mobile Life.

Not only do they make next generation charging accessories they also have a great line of connected products for the home, the worlds first car dashboard computer, exceptional audio products and amazing future products in 2017. Anker is changing the game by launching Amazon’s top electronics brand into US retail through Walmart stores.

5. Pretty packaging

Don’t forget the pretty packaging for packing up your treats for friends and family and more. The packaging makes all the difference.

Check out the kids video from their treat party.

Looking for the recipes or more information? Click these pictures.

Easy christmas pretzel treats

How do you have treat-making parties with friends?

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  1. I love in the video where the kids break out in song or start dancing lol they are so cute.

  2. Looks like such a fun day!! And the treats all look so yummy!

  3. Ashley Peavey says:

    Those look delicious!

  4. Looks fun. Such a great activity for friends gathering.

  5. How fun! The pretzel and rolo treat is one of our favorites. 🙂

  6. This sounds like a really fun idea and I’ll have to try it with my friends!

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