Easy Christmas Pretzel Treats


This week we got together with friends to make some Christmas goodies for friends, neighbors, coworkers and teachers. We like to try to get the treats in before everybody else does!

After making our Easy Rolo Turtle Treats, we decided to make some easy Christmas pretzel treats.

Easy Pretzel Treats

They came out better than I imagined. Last year we used pretzel rods and while they were pretty, they were huge and messy to eat. These are perfect little bite-sized tasty treats sure to satisfy that salty-sweet craving that you get around the holidays. Okay, really, any time of year. And, let’s be honest, these can come in any candy melt + sprinkle color combination to make them good for the entire year.

We used a mini slow-cooker to melt the candy melts (after a disaster with trying to stack two pans to make a fake double-broiler). The slow-cooker was perfect. We slowly melted the candy, kept stirring and it kept them hot the entire time.

Stir up the chocolate melts

Then, we dipped window shaped pretzels into the candy melts about half way and shook off the excess candy.

Dip the pretzles in the choclate melts

The dipped pretzels went onto waxed paper and then they were sprinkled with various Christmas themed sprinkles. You don’t have to go easy on the sprinkles. They add nice color, depth and crunch.

Sprinkle like crazy

They took just a little while to cool and dry on the waxed paper.

easy pretzel treats

For their gifting, I packaged them with an assortment of goodies from that I received from the Christmas section at Oriental Trading. They went in clear cellophane bags, tied off with some baker’s twine with a jingle bell to accessorize.

Trust me. These are easy. So easy. My 8 year old did most of the pretzel dipping and the 4 year old was the perfect heavy-handed sprinkler. You can make these.

Easy christmas pretzel treats

Easy Christmas Pretzel Treats

Easy Christmas Pretzel Treats


  • candy melts
  • square pretzels
  • assorted sprinkles


  1. melt the candy melts in a slow cooker or double boiler
  2. stir occasionally to prevent overheating
  3. dip the pretzel halfway into the melted candy melt and shake off the access
  4. place on waxed paper and apply sprinkles
  5. allow to cool and dry.

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 grams

Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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  1. Pat Chance says:

    Oh you just gave me a great Christmas present idea. it’s so hard to get good ideas for adult friends. Also, right now Aldi has green and red colored chocolate chips. I might use those for melting.

    1. Hmmmm…I wonder if chocolate chips will work the same. Do they melt and then harden well? I guess they do in cookies, so it should work, right?

  2. Completely devastated by bag of chocolate dipped pretzels when we got home. Chase got like ONE.

    1. I’ll wait until you head out of town and deliver some to him at the gym!

  3. These would make really great neighbor gift and my kids could help me make them!

  4. That is easy enough and bright & merry for gifting (or just eating).

  5. Laurie Emerson says:

    These are so festive and look so good! They are the perfect holiday treat!

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