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It had been a year since our family went to the Georgia Aquarium to see all of the sea creatures. The Festival of the SEAson is a great time to visit and was the perfect excuse for us to go back. Plus, the girls hadn’t seen the new Sea Lion show or the updated Dolphin Celebration.

We headed to the Georgia Aquarium right after church and arrived just in time for the Sea Lions: Under the Boardwalk show. But, first, a little picture with the sea lion statues.

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

And a little us-ie to kill a few minutes before the show started.

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

The Sea Lions: Under the Boardwalk show really is amazing.  I was on a press trip earlier this year and allowed to take pictures, so head over and read about it. 

We also make sure to go visit the whale sharks and the entire Ocean Voyager exhibit. The moving walkway was perfect for keeping the kids moving and allowing them to see everything. There was a lot of pointing and yelling and general excitement at seeing everything. The whale sharks were their favorite. Of course they called them all Destiny (who knows that reference)!

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

There are also so many more hand-on exhibits where you can touch sharks, rays, starfish, anemones and more. Just remember, 2 finger touches.

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

Standing in front of the large wall with the whale sharks, we were able to see SCUBA classes happening. (They didn’t line up stair-stepped this time…I’m kind of surprised.)

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

And….one of the whale sharks needed a little cameo in the post, right?

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

We had to stop at this one aquarium display. It’s well-lit-ish, and in March 2014, we took a picture in front of this same display. I think things have changed just a bit.

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

Sometimes, the things that excite the kids most are surprising. Like this rock which she thought was a seat. All of the sitting for B. And no sisters allowed.

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

While three of the kids went and watched the piraña feeding, N and I headed to the THE POLAR EXPRESS™ 4-D Experience which we both enjoyed. 

Mommy and Me Monday at the Aquarium

Definitely make sure you check out the updated dolphin show, Dolphin Celebration. The kids and adults alike were entertained. There was learning and skills demonstrated. I was able to take pictures on a previous trip there as well, so check out what to expect at Dolphin Celebration.

Almost 6 years ago, was our very first Mommy and Me Monday to the Aquarium! As well as many other aquarium trips over the years.

Festival of the SEAson


Festival of the SEAson

Festival of the SEAson runs from Nov. 19-Jan. 1, 2017 and is Atlanta’s most entertaining holiday celebration at the number one aquarium in the U.S.

Highlights include Georgia Aquarium’s exclusive SCUBA Claus, our Underwater Menorah, the spectacular Holidazzle light show, Symphony of Snow musical performances, a holiday-themed Toddler Time, Holiday Deepo’s Chat and THE POLAR EXPRESS™ 4-D Experience. 


Waddle Walk featuring African penguins is located in the Atrium. The best place to view this adorable presentation is along the ramp in the Atrium!

Sea Lions: Under the Boardwalk. Arrive 30 minutes in advance to enjoy the pre-show activities and secure your spot for the presentation! (We arrived 5 minutes before the show and were able to walk right in)

AT&T Dolphin Celebration located in AT&T Dolphin Tales TheaterPro Tip. Arrive 30-45 minutes in advance to secure a seat and enjoy the pre-show activities. Remember the first 10 rows are a splash zone! (You WILL GET WET!)

Georgia Aquarium Festival of the Season

Thanks to the aquarium for hosting us this time.

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    1. We missed Scuba Claus…the girls were just thrilled to see the whale sharks.

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