Every mom should have these: Little Green Pouch Reusable food pouches for kids #giveaway


Ever use a product and think “I wish I came up with that?”

Little Green Pouch Review

Little Green Pouch is totally one of them. It’s a reusable and refillable food pouch. It has a super strong zipper on the top and a spout just like the ones in the grocery store. It works just like them, too. Except it’s dishwasherable and freezeable, too. So, I can fill it and throw it in a bag for a dinner or snack out. Or I can fill it and freeze it for lunch the next day for the girls.

Little Green Pouch Review

Something that I didn’t figure out right away? Twist the lid off and blow into the pouch, then open the zipper on the top. It’s a million times easier to fill it this way. Then, you either spoon the food in (butternut squash, spinach and yogurt here, I think) or use their handy collapsable funnel. 

Little Green Pouch Review

With the funnel, if the food is thick, you end up having to tap a bit on the funnel to get it to go in.

Little Green Pouch Review

Each pouch hold about 6oz of yummy goodness and is marked off on the back so you know just how much is in there. It also has clear bottom so you can sort of see what you put in there as well.

Safe to say that E most definitely approves. I approve because it is so much cheaper than the store ones (these are $14.99 for four pouches). While they can go into the dishwasher, I found I preferred to clean them by hand to make sure everything got out of them. I also found that a bottle brush works well to get in all of the cracks.

Little Green Pouch Review

These are not only good for baby food that you homemade and pureed, but also the older kids too with applesauce or flavored applesauce. 

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*I received a set of pouches for review. All thoughts are my own. No compensation was received.

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  1. My baby would love avocado in the pouch

  2. Definitely fruit! He loves bananas & bluelerries.

  3. Uli Ingram says:

    This seems like a really good product. I can definitely see myself using them. One of those things I wished I had come up with myself 🙂

  4. Stephanie m says:

    What a great Alternative to always buying the ones at the store!!

  5. I would think the milkshakes would like yogurt blended with berries in the pouches.

  6. Tiffany B. says:

    Oh my gosh, how COOL are these? Applesauce, bananas, pureed veggies… the possibilities are endless. I love that you can put your OWN pureed goodness into these instead of pre-processed, commercial foods. Love it!

  7. Bridgett zaidi says:

    My twins would love there yogurt in these

  8. I think my son would love sweet potato in his the most, but he eats anything better out of a pouch. 🙂

  9. My baby loves food pouches and I’ve been dying to try the Little Green Pouches. He’ll eat anything that comes in a pouch – applesauce, blueberries, pears, spinach, sweet potatoes, yum! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Katrina Boot says:

    My son love his “applesauce packs”. Next to try oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothies!

  11. I want to make smoothies for my son’s lunch. Even though he’s almost 5, he still thinks anything in a pouch is a treat!

  12. My kiddos would love applesauce in the pouches! (and I can slip in some extra veggies)

  13. eek! My kids zip through those pouches fast! These would definatly be a lifesaver for me. Perfect for homemade fruit purees!

  14. My kids love eating yogurt in theirs.

  15. Cassie Hunter-Seda says:

    I think that the kiddos love to have a veggie/combo in there- ie Mango/Carrot, Apple/ Sweet Potato.

  16. Homemade smoothies! You can always change it up and add in lots of greens :). Also they would love yogurt! Perfect!

  17. I put keifer smoothies in them for healthy snacks on the go, or put homemade applesauce in them and freeze them!

  18. Kim Adams says:

    My baby loves applesauce, i want to mix different things together for the pouches!!! 🙂

  19. J think they would love them to go on fun day trips and playdates

  20. Would love these for my boys to take spoon-able snacks on the GO! The little one just ate a yogurt in the car… well some of it, the rest was all over him!!

  21. My baby would love yogurt in one of those pouches!

  22. Danielle Wall says:

    Apple mango peach banana. ….mmm

  23. Danielle Wall says:

    Fruit and I would snedk in some veggies 🙂

  24. Danielle Wall says:

    I was thinking thus would ve the way to go. My son reacts badly to the ascorbic acid in the store bought ones and I hate to throw away.

  25. We’ve just started serving smoothies every day in my child care program and, while I love to let the littles practice with open cups, blueberries really stain. I think I’ll leave the open cups for water, sippy cups for milk and these will be perfect for smoothies!

  26. I so want these for my kids. Such an easy way to get in extra fruits & veges!

  27. Lizzy would love applesauce or yogurt.

  28. I’ll love that my kids will eat just about anything if it’s in a pouch!

  29. Thanks for the great review! My daughter loves a mango, banana and strawberry combo!

  30. My little boy loves eating all his food from pouches. His favorite is pear and blueberry!

  31. My kids would love yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal smoothies or anything else in their pouches! Their mama would like it too!

  32. How fun! I love these – didn’t know there was a reusable option. My daughter would like a berry smoothie in hers.

  33. My daughter loves “sauce” which ranges from applesauce to smoothies etc. I have been making spinach smoothies with berries and other fruits so I think she would like to drink these from the pouch. She is very independent and loves the store bought pouches when Grandma buys them for her 🙂

  34. My kids love applesauce and yogurt in pouches that I’m sure they’d like in the little green pouches. They also seem to have great recipes and ideas on the little green pouch website!

  35. My daughter is ALL about fruit. So I’m sure these would be quite useful with for applesauce/bananas/peaches on the go!

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