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Fun for all ages | Main Event Atlanta


It’s not super cold here, but it’s cold enough that some days we need a place to have some fun without worrying about the elements. It’s preferred that the place has some food, some fun and a good atmosphere for all ages.

Bowling at Main Event

Over our Christmas break, we were invited to check out the newest Atlanta Main Event. They have bowling, air hockey, billiards, video games, action games, food, drinks, ice cream and more. We had four generations there and everybody had a great time! From my grandma and grandpa to my littlest daughter, to my aunt and my adult cousin.

Bonding at Main Event

The food is yummy and all ten of us were able to find something we enjoyed. We started with the appetizer platter because we were all hungry!

all of the food at main event

While we were bowling, we also had some pizzas, quesadillas, and wings. We’ve previously tried many other meals at a different Main Event location and those were all delicious, too. They even have a gluten free pizza!

After our bowling time was over, we headed to the arcade area with our FUN cards. You can either put monetary credits on the card, or time. Our had time and I realized this is way better than money. a) We didn’t end up collecting points which would be traded in for random prizes, b) when the time was up, you couldn’t play any more games c) everybody was finished at the same time so we didn’t have to worry about one kid playing all of their games right away and another searching for just the right game.

games at main event

fishing at main event

air hockey at main event.jpg

In addition to bowling and the arcade, there is also a ropes course and laser tag. We haven’t yet tried out the laser tag, but everybody coming out of the game and going into it seemed very excited. The oldest, my aunt and cousin all did the ropes course and had fun looking down on us.

ropes challenge at main event

When you are heading to Main Event, make sure you call ahead and make reservations. The wait can be long if you aren’t prepared for bowling! And, plan to arrive a little before your reservation so you can get checked-in, grab your shoes and get your entire time on the lane.

It’s a fun place for many generations to gather and there is something for everybody.


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  1. mrs. hils says:

    Laser tag is so much fun! I highly recommend it.

  2. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    We would play a game or two of bowling and then I would set out to see if they have my favorite game….Ms. Pacman!

  3. I taught Red to play skiball when we were at a bowling alley last time, so I think we would find that first. Then, air hockey with Daddy!

  4. My family loves to play laser tag. So as soon as we get there that would be our first game we play.

  5. Sumita Dalmia says:

    I would totally play Air Hockey first– its way too much fun!!

  6. shelley b says:

    My son recently went to a bowling party and had so much fun. I know he would love if we took him.

  7. Erin McLaughlin says:

    My family has never been! We’d have to either read this blog posting as a family and decide something or just wing it!

  8. This place looks like a lot of fun, and I’ve never even heard of it. I LOVE air hockey and skee ball. That food also looks delish!!!

    1. You should. This one is in Cobb County near parkway point movies. The other one is in Alpharetta!

  9. Trish Dowling says:

    my absolute favorite thing to play at an arcade is ski ball!! im not very good, but i love it just the same!!!

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