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It’s Mother’s Day! Hooray! (Just imagine Dora The Explorer singing it…were anybody else’s kids obsessed with that years ago?). We were at a friend’s house late last night, so the girls let me sleep in a bit! As I came downstairs, on the TV was displayed “Happy Mother’s Day!” Then the oldest hit play.

Mr. Serious had interviewed the girls and asked them all sorts of questions about me and the oldest had edited it and compiled them into a several minute long video. It was the sweetest!

I was gifted some delicious french macarons, a homemade bracelet (that was perfectly symmetrical and color coordinated) from beads form various necklaces and bracelets that had broken. Then it was time for church and Grace and Eggs breakfast. No cooking, and no cleaning were a win for me. Plus an omelette to order and bacon!

Mommy and Me Monday Mother's Day

After we got home, I made sure to ask for a picture with all my girls. Well, let’s just say that I had to go for the one where the least of us were looking crazy.

I then told the kids that I wanted to go have a workout on Mother’s Day and I wanted to hear no complaints. They didn’t really oblige, but I tried! Thankfully, Mr. Serious was on board and worked out with me. I forgot how nice it is to workout together.

Mommy and me monday workout

Here’s where I thought I would sugar coat things, but eh, that’s not real life.

After working out, there was discussion about going out to eat. I knew that dinner would be crazy, so there was a suggestion to get food to go. Well, after looking at menus, I realized there was no way I wanted to pick out meals for all of the kids, because no matter what, I would mess it up.

So, I said, let’s just go out, it’s early, maybe we’ll be okay. Nope. Arrived at 5:45 and there was already an hour wait. We called another place. Over an hour wait. I wasn’t up for it, so I suggested heading home and having leftovers. That.Was.Not.Received.Well!

We had a silent car and leftovers at home. Not the most ideal end to Mother’s Day, but because we were up late the previous night, the girls all went to bed easily, so I’ve got that positive to end on.

This week, more end of year fun and awards and B’s last day of school and next week I head to King and Prince with a friend and a slew of other bloggers to check out the island.

What did you do this week?

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