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If there was a year before B’s almost arrival that we did it, I don’t remember. But in 2013, the girls got matching pajamas for Christmas Eve. There was even a matching set for B who got a lot of use out of it after Christmas, but didn’t make the Christmas Eve picture.

What I don’t seem to have is a place with all of them in one post. Maybe I’ll get on that next year.

christmas eve matching PJs

They are no longer surprised by the pajamas but still think it’s fun, so that’s a win. And it’s definitely more challenging now that we have such a span of sizes. (Somebody please tell me in NOVEMBER to order for Christmas so I can easily find all of the sizes!)

This year, I guess they got bored with smiling for me, and stared with some goofy and silly poses.

christmas eve matching PJs silly

They are great thinkers, no?

thinking in christmas PJs

And also, so serious…except they can’t seem to actually look serious.

so serious

I actually found pajamas that included men’s sizes this year, so I got the grown ups in on the fun. The shirts say “It’s all very merry” and if Georgia could figure out what it wants to be in the winter, that would be great. A high of 22F isn’t very warm at all!

We are looking forward to getting above freezing this week!

christmas eve PJs mommy and me monday nice

Some of us got the memo to make a silly duck lips face…and somebody refused. I think he still had fun!

silly face christmas eve PJs mommy and me monday

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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