Mommy and Me Monday-The 19th Edition-Sun Protection {Giveaway}


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

Remember our theme this week is a picture, featuring you and your kiddo(s) of course, promoting safe sun protection and skin cancer awareness; including, wearing hats, sunglasses, putting on sunscreen, playing in the shade, etc.

It is super hot here.  Like, 100 degrees hot!  So outside time has been quite limited, which I guess promotes safe sun protection!

Sunday, we went for an afternoon walk.  Man, it was hot.  But, we found the shade of a tree, with a slight breeze and were able to capture us blocking those nasty UV rays.  The girls almost always have hats on outside, and I almost always have on shades, so we’ve got that covered.  And, with the heat, the shade was the next best option.

(Not sure what the girls are doing in their pictures…I think they are boycotting Mommy and Me Monday…but they are stuck with me.)

Mommy and #1 in the shade Mommy and #2 in the shade

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Mommy and Me Monday at  Really, Are You Serious?

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Mommy and Me Monday at  Really, Are You Serious?

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The giveaway: UV Skinz wants to give one lucky Really, Are You Serious? reader and Mommy and Me Monday participant any Skin of their choice.

To enter: Leave a comment pertaining to this post or sun protection.

To gain FIVE bonus entries, put up your own Mommy and Me Monday post this week (by Friday 7/2) including one of the Mommy and Me buttons, and leave 5 separate additional comments letting us know you posted a M&MM.

*Winners are chosen by random, so make sure you leave individual comments, not all in one!
*Winner has 48 hours to contact me, or another winner will be chosen.
*Contest ends Sunday, July 4th at 9pm EST. Winner will be posted shortly after.
*Rules for each entry must be followed to be valid.

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  1. You don’t need to enter me but doggone it, you all are cute!

  2. I didn’t know there was a theme today! But in my pictures for today I remember we were about to go out, so we put on sunscreen which we do every day.

    Even if your kiddos were being anti-Mommy and me, they can’t help being cute. Love your green top too!

    1. Hey Steph, it’s totally fine! But, sunscreen definitely counts, too!

      And, the top is from Old Navy:)

  3. Such (again) a cute shot! And I personally think N must be trying to get out of the stroller so she can figure a way to get that diaper off! 🙂

  4. ha love kristen’s comment!!!

    there faces really are too funny in these pics!!

    will keep digging for my post!

  5. We just spent a whole week at the beach but there are no great pictures of me and Haley for the mommy and me post. We did spend a lot of time in the shade though and when we couldn’t be in the shade Haley was covered in sunscreen from head to toe. I even used a baby sunscreen spray in her hear because I know how much she hates wearing hats. (after she got sunburned when she was 2 and a half weeks old I’m not taking any chances).
    I usually find that if Haley’s playing with something she’ll keep the hat on a bit longer and if I’m lucky forget it’s there. But your girls seem like hat wearing pros so I’d love to hear any tips you have.

  6. I’m impressed how cool you look in such hot weather. The girls look adorable in their little hats!

  7. I wish my kids would keep on hats, it would help so much! I’ve tried sunglasses with them too, but those don’t last long either. They are always covered in sunscreen (bare minimum 50 SPF), as am I, and I always have shades on.

  8. You would think that they would be pros in Mommy and Me pictures now with all the practice…if only it would work that way! Caitlin was the same this week. = )

    We are all about the hats at our house. The Irishman decided this weekend that maybe Caitlin needs a pair of sunglasses, too now that I have a good pair.

  9. Such a cute picture! Your girls are adorable…..the best pictures are REAL pictures and your girls are just being their adorable selves 🙂

  10. I Love the girls in their hats. My daughter had a hat like that. I think they are so cute.

  11. great pics of you and the girls…your sunglasses totally rock!

  12. Comment #1 for the sun protection, going to the library if the heat of the sun is scourging hot!

  13. Comment # 2 – We put sun lotion before swimming.

  14. new participant of your blog meme here… 🙂

    love the hats, so nice. great contest as well, i will join! 🙂

    here’s my entry; My Mommy and Me Monday

  15. We are super excited about our yearly trip to Tahoe this year. We are busy replacing outgrown sun protection items and stocking up on sunscreen! My picture is from our last trip to Tahoe, we went a whole week in high uv index weather without any burns! It was a great trip!

    Thanks for the Chance
    TonyaMCrain [at]

  16. awww…it was pretty hot yesterday here too! The hats are gorgeous! btw, I have the same top (yellow) like yours….that’s from Old Navy right?! looks great on you….:) have a good one!

  17. we’re in wedding mode over in BearCountry since my SIL got married on Friday so I’m sorry we didn’t fit the theme exactly BUT I did link to a post that shows the bonnet my daughter wears in the sun. My son wears a Columbia fishing hat or a baseball hat. They don’t really get a choice about whether to wear a hat or not, they just KNOW THEY HAVE TO BE SAFE IN THE SUN. Teach ’em early I say!

    I’d love to win some sunscreen though for the times they are swimming and a hat isn’t practical.

  18. Darn, I thought I would finally be able to participate again and my picture has nothing to do with sun protection, ugh. Obviously I’m not entering your contest either then, boo.

    BTW – you are still not showing up in my dashboard, it has your latest update as of 2 weeks ago. I re-followed you last week, I’m stumped – let me know if there is a fix.


  19. aww they are too cute! It has been way too hot here to be outside, so I have made sure to stay in with the kids or do indoor activities. Hope it cools down soon!

  20. so, I’ve been wanting to participate in this link up for a while now. I follow Mamabear and she introduced me to it! I have a guest post on our family blog today so I thought I’d do this a little differently and let my daughter tell the story of our mom and me moment at the zoo! I hope that is ok!

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