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At preschool orientation, I signed up to be a mystery reader. Apparently, I wanted it to be a mystery to me, too, because I never put it on a calendar. So, I was surprised Wednesday after school to learn that I was expected in E’s class Thursday for my appointed mystery reading time.

Thankfully, the timing worked out. I did, however forget a book, but was saved by the Honk Honk! Baa Baa! that one of the girls left in the car.

Also, thankfully, no disguise was required….they guessed it was a woman reading and then I popped in the door. E got up from her little seat and ran over “mommy! mommy!” which was pretty much the best. Then all of her little friends made it even better by coming over and giving me a hug, too.

E and her teacher showed me to the reading chair, had me sit now and E promptly sat on my lap. I guess this is the place to sit. I read the books and the kids listened.

Mystery Reader | Mommy and Me Monday

She wasn’t sad or upset when I left because school wasn’t over. And, when I picked her up at the end of her school day, she ran up to me and said “thank you mommy for coming and reading to me and my friends” and then I was a puddle on the floor.

I’m not the typical volunteer in the classroom, come in all the time mom. I don’t always feel like I fit in. But, I should stop worrying about that and enjoy that my kiddos like me coming to their classrooms, because I know one day they won’t!

What were you up to this week?

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  1. How awesome! I don’t get to volunteer or visit too often either. It’s hard with another little one (or in your case multiple!) at home to swing it. I have managed to stop by for one lunch and volunteer on one field trip with my son’s class and both times took his baby sister (yay Lillebaby!). I feel awkward too and I’m not entirely sure why except that even with him in 1st grade now, it’s still all “new” to me. 🙂 Glad you could stop into E’s class and read. Sounds like she loved that special time.

  2. So fun! I can’t wait until I can go read to the girls at school. We have gone a few times to see Logan early in the school day and she insists on coming home then. She sees her mom and dad and to her, the school day is OVER!

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