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It’s so weird going an entire school year without stepping foot into either the elementary or middle school. But, here we are!

The last week of school and the teachers are trying their hardest to make it fun and silly and “normal.” (I’m at the point I don’t even know what that word means anymore. 

Usually for the elementary kids, I come in on or around their birthdays, bring them lunch, their classmates a treat and I read to the class. It’s so fun and the kids love the books.

So when B’s teacher offered for us to zoom in and be a mystery reader, I was all ready to go. (I found out later, her other teacher “spilled the beans” and told her I was doing it. But, it didn’t matter. She was super excited.

reading the book with no pictures to B's class via zoom

I asked the oldest to grab “The Book with No Pictures” because it’s pretty much the best book to read to the kids. They think it’s hilarious and it’s fun for the reader. I also asked her to grab a second one for the oldest two to read to the class since they were still home and they both had B’s teacher.

mommy and me monday mystery reader

It’s so hard not to make funny faces reading this book!

mommy and me monday ekkk face

The only bummer was not being there in person to hear their reactions. When I say “boo boo butt” the kids start rolling.

The oldest selected “Frog on a Log?” which we think E was given by her 1st grade teacher a few years ago. This one is also a great read-aloud book as well as a good one for 1st graders to read. 

sisters reading to b's class via zoom

It was a nice way to connect with the class and share a few laughs before the school year is over. 

What did you do this week?

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