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Fall has decided to stay in Atlanta. With the cooler temperatures and sunshiny sky, we’ve finally found ourselves enjoying our backyard again. We were recently sent a LÆGENDARY 60” oval swing which came a the perfect time as our tire swing had called it quits. It’s a fun addition to our playground area. Keep reading to grab your LÆGENDARY Promo Code and save 10%!

LÆGENDARY swing promo code and review

Our 10 year old helped with getting it all put together and deciding how to properly mount it on our swings.

setting up LÆGENDARY outdoor swing

We’ve decided we really need a nice tree branch to fully enjoy the spins of the swing, but going straight forward and back worked best for our space as they recommend a 13 foot clearance around the swing.

flying high with LÆGENDARY outdoor swing

The oval swing is great because one person can lay across the swing on their belly like and fly superman style. This is great for our sensory seeking kiddo. But, I’ve also found one outside laying on their back and enjoying a book with a light swing.

With a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, we’ve also found that several of us can sit on the swing and casually go back and forth. The girls are must more thrill seeking then me! I’m fine just laying on it.

mommy and me swinging together

We finally were able to convince the youngest there was room for her, too! So she came out and joined us in a snuggly swing-fest!

mommy and me swinging together

I let the girls have some time with sisters, too! They liked swinging together and also taking turns pushing each other. A word of caution from them, make sure you get off slowly and carefully or your remaining sister might have an extra joy ride.

how many can fit on the swing

The LÆGENDARY swing has definitely rejuvenated our not-so-lively swingset area and the kids are enjoying it more than ever. It does make me wish we had a huge tree branch to hang it from so they could spin and swing to their heart’s content.

A little more info about LÆGENDARY swings:

The extra large yard swing allows multiple children to swing at the same time.

The swing can hold up to 350 lbs.With safety in mind it has foam handles for a safer/better grip, thicker foam padding for added protection and comfort, and reinforced stitching for more durability.

You get a COMPLETE TREE SWING HANGING KIT: everything you need to get your swing up and running it’s in the box: 2 carabiners, 1 swivel, 2 tree straps, nuts, bolts, washers, wrench.

It is easy to install with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble, store and care for your trampoline swing for kids. SWING, SPIN or do both at once with this spinner swing.

You can easily hang it from a branch, or attach it to a swingset.nd.

Different spins with the swivel, so you don’t know which way it’s going to go if you use the swivels.


You can save 10% on your purchase of the oval swing (pictured here), platform swing or round swing by making your purchase on amazon through this discounted link.

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