A Celebration with Netflix Birthday with VIDEO


The littles have winter birthdays. One in February (almost always during a school break) and one in December (29th) which means they hardly ever have birthday celebrations. But, we want them to have the chance to celebration. With the help of Netflix Birthday, we were able to make that happen for E for a half birthday celebration with friends. Drop the streamers and cancel the princess, Netflix has an easier way to make kids’ birthday dreams come true, courtesy of Barbie, King Julien, My Little Pony and More.

Netflix birthday celebration

What’s more fun then hanging out with friends, making some tasty cake, singing happy birthday and watching your favorite Netflix Birthday show? I don’t think they have an answer for you!

Group shot with cake

Kids may be the ones wearing the crown on their birthdays, but Netflix knows that it’s parents who are the real heroes on the big day. While many parents admit to feeling social media fueled pressure to give their kids a huge party (49%), most wish they didn’t have to go Pinterest crazy to give their kids a good time (71%). Well, happy birthday to you mom and dad. Today, for the first time ever, Netflix released 15 Birthdays On Demand, where characters from LEGO Ninjago, Luna Petunia, Beat Bugs and more help make birthday celebrations a piece of cake.

We started the celebration a few days early with opening presents from Netflix.

Netflix Birthday Celebration

They sent a super fun red velvet cake and all of the cake supplies to make a cake.

Netflix Birthday Celebration

But when you are friends with Meghan from @JaMonkey, she doesn’t let us make just any old cake. She goes all out, and you bring helpers to stir the icing and maybe do some taste-testing. And you also roll and mix the cake to make cake pops without sticks..aka cake balls.

Netflix Birthday Celebration

Helpers love helping with the Netflix cake decorations…check out the video to see her helping in action and the full party!

Netflix Birthday Celebration

With this Netflix Birthday, parents can simply press play and kids’ favorite characters will sing them a special birthday greeting made just for them (or so they’ll think). Netflix Birthdays On Demand gives parents an easier way to make their kids birthdays special by letting kids celebrate with Trollhunters or Pokėmon, anytime, any where.

So, armed with cake and Netflix, the girls watched the show and sand Happy Birthday along with My Little Pony and Luna Petunia with the most effort being the cake!

Blowing out candles

Check out our video:

Netflix Birthday -On Demand Titles:

  • All Hail King Julien
  • Barbie
  • Beat Bugs
  • Dinotrux
  • Las Leyendas
  • LEGO Friends
  • LEGO Ninjago
  • Luna Petunia
  • Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  • My Little Pony
  • Pokemon
  • Project Mc2
  • Skylanders Academy
  • Troll hunters
  • Word Party

watching the netflix birthday show

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  1. Ohhhhhh KING JULIAN! 🙂 I love him so much. He’s also my favorite New Years Eve Countdown for the last several years.

  2. Love the idea of a half birthday celebration. My Mom reminded A.J. his half birthday is September 15th, so he’s always counting down to it too.
    The cake looks yummy!

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    Having a December 30th birthday I totally get it. Grandma used to make a special cake for me on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate my birthday. Wasn’t exactly a half but it’s the day she picked. I am guessing due to my name.
    You will have to show me how to make the cake balls. That is one of the nicest cakes I have ever seen from non-professionals.

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